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Innovative Ways To Incorporate Technology In An Exhibit Design

tradeshow exhibit design technologyWhen someone mentions using technology in their business trade show displays, what image instantly comes to mind?  If it’s a well-appointed exhibit design with monitors strategically configured throughout, you’re not alone.  I’ve recently noticed that when generating trade show ideas that implement innovation, business owners often focus primarily on where they can incorporate monitors within their booths.  While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this approach, it’s important to remember that, in today’s trade show exhibits, the use of monitors is a very commonplace practice.  If you’re relying on various screens and monitors in your exhibit design, it’s critical to ask yourself how you can stand out from the competitive masses that are also using the same monitor setup.

The answer, quite simply is you can’t.

How Skyline Helps Clients Use Innovation As Part Of Their Exhibit Design

Fortunately, using technology as an integral part of corporate trade show displays has evolved far beyond simple monitor solutions.  In order to successfully connect, engage and make a lasting impression with a specific consumer niche, savvy entrepreneurs recognize that innovation can prove far more vital than merely a means to stream videos and presentations; instead, today’s business leaders are tapping into the power of innovation to help translate their brand identity into an integrated exhibiting experience at every show.

Here at Skyline, we approach each client’s exhibit design as an opportunity to deliver an impactful visitor experience that helps the company implant their core message about their corporate product or service for a consumer impression that lasts far beyond the convention itself.  A recent example was with a client that was looking to convey how their company nurtured relationships, developed partnerships and integrated innovation as part of their fundamental corporate values. Our response?  To work with them to brainstorm a visually-compelling, final exhibit design.  The design mimicked a giant greenhouse, complete with innovation tree, blooming fruits and gardening tool area that successfully embodied the direct synergy between organic cultivation and cultivating the professional relationships that this organization held as part of its intrinsic business model.

Of course, a very literal technology interpretation isn’t the only way to incorporate cutting-edge innovation to compel and inform while setting your business apart from the opposition.  Another tactic of integrating brand and experience can be done through interactive games.  Using creative, original gaming throughout the booth that encourages crowd participation yet delivers critical messaging about products and services can prove a powerful use of innovation.  When incorporating a game idea for your trade show booth, work to develop an engaging cohesive theme, then strive to ensure the concept translates from storyboard to scrip to the final display product itself.  Whether set up as a player vs. player, sweepstakes or prize model, ensure that each guest leaves your booth feeling informed, engaged and, most importantly, enthused about your business.

Get Creative With Technology Based Trade Show Ideas

No matter what concept you’re developing for your exhibit design, when it comes to incorporating technology, it’s important to remember, there is no right or wrong solution.  The main point is to get creative.  Getting inventive with the many different ways (beyond the monitor alone) that innovation can be used throughout the exhibit design can help visitors walk away from your space with a clear understanding of what your company does and, ultimately, what differentiates your organization from the rest of the competing exhibitors – all while having a little fun in the process!

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