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How to Make an Impact in a Portable Display

Portable trade show displays are the perfect solution for exhibitors looking for flexibility to adapt to various trade shows and easily set up and take down. Our portable solutions are lightweight and easy to transport, providing a hassle-free trade show experience. 

Below are a few tips to help you create a portable trade show display that amplifies your brand and engages attendees, all with the convenience and cost savings you’re looking for. 

Choose the Best Booth Space for Visibility  
With a 10x10 or 10x20 space, maximizing your impact and capturing the attention of as many attendees is essential. Choosing a booth space near an entrance or main gathering area in the exhibit hall increases the traffic flow near your exhibit. Also, consider any structures that may obscure the visibility of your exhibit, such as large booths, walls, or pillars in the exhibit hall, to ensure your exhibit is as visible as possible. 

Design a Welcoming Booth Space 
It may be tempting to fit as much into your booth space as possible, but an overcrowded exhibit can look cluttered and uninviting to attendees. Designing your booth with an open layout encourages attendees to spend time in your booth, engage in conversation with booth staff, and explore product displays and digital activations to learn more about your brand. 

Simplify Your Brand Messaging 
A busy trade show floor is a very distracting environment, and you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of attendees. Your brand messages must be short, clear, and concise. Create a focal point in your exhibit that communicates your key message and draws attention to what’s most important for attendees to learn about your products and services.  

Capture Attention with High-Impact Graphics 
Eye-catching graphics are essential for capturing the attendees’ attention and showcasing your brand’s personality. Work closely with your exhibit design team to ensure your graphics are high-quality and your brand colors are consistent and accurate.   

The right lighting can enhance your graphics and bring your brand colors to life. A backlit pop-up booth is a great option to increase visual impact.  

Increase Engagement with Digital Activations 
Digital activations provide an engaging and interactive experience for attendees. Touchscreen kiosks are the perfect way to tell your brand story in an immersive way with videos, gamification, product showcasing, and more. For high-impact content display, LED Posters fit seamlessly into any size booth to maximize impact. They are user-friendly, making it easy to update content that captures attention with vibrant colors and movement. 

Enhance Your Booth with Product Demos and Displays 
Engage attendees in meaningful conversations with product displays and demos. Our pop-up and banner displays include a range of accessories such as lighting and shelving to display products. Additionally, our tables offer lockable storage space for added convenience. 

Portable trade show displays offer a versatile solution with lightweight design and customizable options. With banner displays, pop-up booths, digital activations and more, there are endless possibilities to highlight your brand effectively. Explore our portable solutions and contact us today for your next exhibit!