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How To Buy A Pop-Up Trade Show Display: A Word To The Wise

If you’ve never purchased a “pop-up” before, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations sold on the Internet.  When it comes to buying a pop-up display, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for.”

Four Questions to Ask Before Buying:

Question #1: Is the frame made of aluminum? If the answer is yes, quickly say “no.”  Aluminum frames can bet bent which makes them unstable and destroys the integrity of the graphic panels.

The better frame: Fiber Glass or Carbon Fiber

The better frame: Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber

Once the frame is bent, your graphics will never again line up properly, forcing you to represent your company poorly (or forcing you to spend more money on another display.)  Look for fiberglass or carbon-fiber frames sold by Skyline Exhibits — and you’ll obtain a free lifetime warranty on the frame.

Moral: Don’t get stuck with a “disposable pop-up” by buying a cheap aluminum frame.

Question #2: How can you support me if I need help after I take possession of the display? The truthful answer from pop-up internet providers should be “sorry, you’re on your own.”

Needing help is the typical scene on the tradeshow floor
Typical scene on the trade show floor

Remember, if you are on show-site and need assistance, you’ll painfully realize that you bought on price – but sacrificed support.  Consider the smarter investment in Skyline trade show display booths.  Finding a partner with offices in every city is worth it’s weight in gold when you’re stuck with a problem on-site and really need some help.

Moral: If you buy only on price, you’ll never get help when you need it because low-price internet sites provide zero service or support.  If your event schedule takes you to multiple cities, find a national supplier with local offices who is always there for you.

Question #3: How can you help me improve my trade show program so I can deliver ROI to my company and generate meaningful results over time?

Choosing a company that provides ongoing education and consultative guidance is invaluable.  The extra upfront investment into a solid, durable, expertly designed display must yield a business partner that cares about you and your business over the long haul.  Choose a company that will look out for your interests and be available 24/7 with assistance under any circumstance.

Moral: Invest in an exhibit house that keeps on giving, long after your first purchase of a trade show display.

Question #4:  Does your pop up allow accessories that make it look unique?

Most pop-up booth programs include far more than a frame and some graphics.  Add-on features include everything from reception desks and lighting to banner systems and multimedia options.  They also include backlit photo panels, even for the end panels.  These additional features give you the ability to make your pop-up stand out even further from the crowd.

Moral: You exhibit at trade shows to get attention, so make sure your pop-up display gives you a distinct look.

So, that’s a word to the wise about buying a pop-up display.  Now, here are some pictures to the wise: see 95 examples of higher quality, better design pop-up trade show displays by clicking here.

About the Author

Judy Fairbanks was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Skyline New York.

2 responses to “How To Buy A Pop-Up Trade Show Display: A Word To The Wise

  1. Great article… Quality of the Skyline Mirage frame and panels outweighs the cheap systems these custom houses are selling. I have had three clients learn their lessons that purchased the quick $1000 pop-up and I told all three of them that their displays won’t last 1 year… And sure enough all three of them are back renting 10′ Mirage frames and purchasing quality panels. I use it as learning lessons that spending less means you will be spending more! 10 years designing at Skyline and 5 years out of Skyline, I see the quality!

  2. Thanks, Brian. Your experience mirrors ours. Have you seen the YouTube video on the Skyline Exhibits Channel? It’s OUTRAGEOUS! Watching a vehicle actually run over two frames — our Mirage frame and also a competitors — is all the proof one needs.

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