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Boost Your Booth Image Image with a Rental Display

Building an impressive and effective trade show booth is a big investment. Most companies approach this giant task in stages, starting out with a nice background banner or backwall, some tabletop display, and maybe some banner stands. When you’re ready to move up to an even more substantial display, you’ve got a huge selection of options, and it’s hard to know what will work best for your particular marketing strategy and product or service. This is one case where rental display can be a huge help; you get the opportunity to try some of the options without committing to buy them. There are some other times where renting, rather than buying makes good sense. There are more benefits to renting than you might think.


Some companies are on the floor at a trade show every week, and for them, purchasing their all of their own display pieces probably makes sense. If your company is only attending a few shows a year, though, it may be more practical to rent. In addition to saving money on an initial investment, you will not need to store the displays when not in use, rental fees include delivery, so you won’t have to plan the logistics of transport, and if the display you rent is too complex or time-consuming for your team to set up, you can arrange for professional set-up when you rent

Even when your company does a lot of trade shows, owning a large setup like an island or conference room requires a significant amount of storage space and logistics and labor to get it to and from shows. It’s expensive to send a large set-up team traveling. You can hire a local team near the venue, but there’s no guarantee that the people you hire will be familiar with your set-up. It may prove a more economical choice to purchase smaller display elements, which are easily transported, stored, and set up, and rent semi-custom large pieces, with major setup managed by the display company.

How much will your company actually benefit from buying an island display? Would running a multimedia or interactive display at trade shows draw in more prospects and boost your conversion rate? Will changing the traffic pattern through your booth result in more sales? You want the answers to these questions before you invest some serious capital in new display pieces. Using rental displays to explore and evaluate strategies before making a permanent purchase is a smart move. It allows you to change your entire display depending on the success of your strategy, so you’re able to choose the right look and feel for your display.