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6 Myths of Rental Exhibits

Rental trade show exhibits have evolved far beyond the generic kit rentals of the past. Today, rentals offer custom design options that reflect your brand, complete with digital activations and high-impact graphics. Rental exhibits provide a flexible, cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or impact. Our "6 Myths of Rental Exhibits" infographic outlines common ‘myth’ assumptions about rental exhibits and the benefits of including rental in your exhibiting program.  

With rental options, you gain access to high-quality, custom designed booths without the cost of owning and maintaining your exhibit. The flexibility of rental allows you to easily adapt to various shows, scale your booth up or down in size, and add custom elements. 

With our range of custom modular components, you can tailor the design and layout to perfectly reflect your brand's identity and messaging. Our rental and purchase options have the same structures and can be combined to create hybrid exhibits. This level of customization ensures your exhibit resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your brand's story. 

With the benefits of cost savings, flexibility, and custom design, rental exhibits offer a powerful and efficient solution to elevate your brand's presence and engage your audience. 

Download our infographic, "6 Myths of Rental Exhibits," to learn more about how rental can benefit your exhibiting program. 


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