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Touch-Free Experiences & Gamification Apps for Trade Shows


We live in a time where the less physical touch necessary in public places, the better. Especially at your trade shows – it helps reduce the potential spread of germs, and it’s also generally easier for both exhibitors and attendees to navigate on their own digital device(s). Creating a touch-free experience within your exhibit will resonate with your booth guests. Here are 4 areas within your trade show space where you can implement these options, as well as how to accomplish it:

1. Contact and lead information gathering

Nowadays, there is an app for everything – including contact and lead capturing specific to your trade shows. Many of these apps can take booth guest information and input it directly into your CRM database. Skyline used the CompuLEAD app by CompuSystems at EXHIBITORLIVE 2021 – other apps include iCapture, atEvent, Eventdex, momencio and many more! Before you choose which app to use, decide on what information is the most important to gather, and how the apps will help you best accomplish this. Be sure to check with your show organizer to ensure any third-party system you elect to utilize will still work with the show badges. Know that there can be additional fees if you do not go with the show-provided badge scanning option. Researching all the pros and cons of each of your options will ensure there are no surprises when it comes time for the show!

Are you looking to be able to use the same lead capture system for multiple shows to look for trends in your leads? Captello offers a great universal solution that also helps to streamline your lead capture workflow!

2. Giveaway entries

Exploring the idea of ditching the fishbowl method for attendees to enter your giveaways? Go touch-free! Have a QR code in your booth that is easily accessible for your attendees to enter the giveaway. If you are placing this information directly on your exhibit, make sure it’s one of the first things that attendees see – especially if you have promoted your giveaway and they are coming to your booth specifically to participate!

This is another way to collect attendee information and can help identify which leads are prospects that are only interested in entering your giveaway vs. who is genuinely interested in what your company is offering. You can make this very simple by including a question that simply asks, “Are you interested in receiving more information from us, or would you just like our cool prize?” Since they are just checking a box on their own phones, people are inclined to answer very honestly without the pressure of having to tell one of your booth staffers that they are only interested in your prize.

3. Digital brochures & educational materials

Similar to giveaways, you could also make use of a QR code or a very shortened URL so that your attendees can easily access a webpage of your digital educational materials. A digital brochure differs from a hard copy brochure because instead of the high potential that your brochure could end up in the recycling when the attendee leaves the show floor, it allows for your booth guest to bookmark the page and go back and look at your materials later or easily forward it to a colleague that isn’t at the show. Many lead retrieval solutions also offer this capability embedded right into their system so that any materials a prospect requests can be sent directly to their email right from the show floor with a simple push of a button.

4. In-booth or show floor gamification

We are seeing digital games throughout the show floor become much more common. Utilizing gamification allows your attendees to interact and engage directly with your brand right from their own phones.

We saw a great example of a digital game at EXHIBITORLIVE 2021 through Captello. They put together a “treasure hunt” and had 10 sponsored exhibitors choose which type of game they wanted to incorporate in their booth for attendees to play. Between all the sponsors, participants had a chance to win over $8,000 in prizes. All exhibitors had to do was place a QR code and instructions in their booth. Attendees “hunted” for the participating vendors and played each game in their respective booth spaces. Each game was customizable and specific to the sponsored exhibiting company. Such a fun and easy way for extra engagement and brand recognition! Plus, since getting people to enter your booth space is half the battle at trade shows, having that extra avenue to drive more attendees to find the participating vendors’ booths was a big win for the participants!

With the new year right around the corner, it’s important to think about every aspect of your trade show presence and how you can improve the attendee experience. Shifting to a digital, touch-free environment will resonate with attendees, while also offering the opportunity to increase interaction, engagement, and brand recognition. If you need help with your digital offerings, reach out to one of your Skyline representatives today!