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Sustainable Exhibit Production and Practices

One of our core values at Skyline is We Care About Our World. It reflects our commitment to sustainability and being environmentally conscious throughout our manufacturing processes and building products that are lightweight and reusable. We strive to create no unnecessary waste in the production of our exhibits and recycle and reuse excess materials in our manufacturing process. Our goal is to provide our clients with an environmentally friendly exhibit and resources to improve sustainability in their exhibiting programs. 

Our Sustainability Promise: Reuse, Refresh, Reconfigure, and Recycle 

  • We control our manufacturing process. To minimize waste, we have engineered our manufacturing process to maximize efficiency by ordering parts and materials in the correct sizes and amounts. 
  • We recycle approximately 20 tons of materials, including metal, wood, and cardboard, each year that are reused in our manufacturing process. One example is excess aluminum is recycled and reforged into billets that are used in extrusions to build our exhibit structures. 
  • We invest in high-quality equipment to reduce waste and energy consumption. Last year, we purchased two new pieces of equipment: a Monti Antonio sublimation transfer machine to produce fabric graphics and Haas machine to mill steel and aluminum. The Monti Antonio sublimation machine uses an eco-friendly process with no solvents or water. The Haas CNC milling machine has expanded our capability to machine parts and significantly reduced our need for outside vendors. This reduces transportation and shipping of parts and allows us to control the manufacturing process and improve efficiency.

Increasing Sustainability in Your Exhibit Program 

Rent and Reuse Your Exhibit
Our modular exhibit solutions are reconfigurable and can easily scale up or down in size. This allows you to reuse and repurpose your exhibit at various shows and reduce the waste of disposal when your exhibit needs change.  

Renting your exhibit is also a sustainable solution as it allows resources and hardware to be reused. If you’re testing the waters at a new show or prefer to change your exhibit look and feel from show-to-show, rental exhibits provide flexibility and convenience. Our rental inventory includes the same products available for purchase, so you can reduce environmental impact without sacrificing quality. 

Minimize Shipping and Transportation
Investing in high-quality modular exhibit components reduces the environmental impact of shipping your exhibit. Our modular exhibit systems are lightweight and easily condensed for efficient packing and transportation. 

Skyline’s regional service centers are in key venue cities across the country, including Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Toronto. Storing or renting your exhibit in locations close to your trade shows reduces the environmental impact of shipping and transportation and lowers your costs. 

Our high-impact fabric graphics, produced using state-of-the-art technology, increase sustainability in multiple ways: 

  • Lightweight - easy to pack and transport 
  • Easily interchangeable – providing flexibility with modular exhibits 
  • Durable and high-quality – easy to wash and reuse (reducing disposable materials) 

Reduce Energy Consumption
LED lighting is the primary lighting source in Skyline products and has many environmental benefits, including reduced energy consumption. LED lighting draws less power than fluorescent and incandescent lighting, which decreases greenhouse gas emissions. It has a longer life span, reducing the waste of frequent replacement.  

Create Sustainable Giveaways
When choosing giveaway items for your exhibit, consider reusable items that your attendees will find valuable. There are many eco-friendly options including mugs and water bottles, which reduce the waste of disposable cups and bottles, reusable canvas bags, or journals and notebooks made from recycled materials. For more eco-friendly giveaway ideas, refer to our blog: 12 Eco-Friendly Giveaway Ideas for Your Next Exhibition. 

Creating an activity that brings your attendees into the experience is fun, memorable, and makes an impact. This could be planting herbs or flowers in a small, portable container, creating a snack or beverage from a variety of ingredients, or a personalized activity such as a caricature artist. 

Our team continues to explore new ways to provide high-quality, sustainable exhibits and innovative technologies to bring your brand to life. Reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive exhibit services.