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Don’t Just Staff There, Entertain Your Visitors


It is so hard to attract event and exhibition visitors when they are distracted, tired or in a hurry. Having a compelling offering and promoting your presence is essential. The other tactic that has become just as important is having staffers who can engage show attendees well enough so they can attract, qualify and inform your visitor. You want that booth visitor to leave feeling appreciated, informed and interested in your company.

What steps can you take as an Exhibit Manager to help your staffers succeed?

Get Staffers Who Can Play the Part.

These staffers should understand and value trade shows and be willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. They should be willing to come to training, learn about technology and do role playing as needed. Also make sure they each know what their key role is. Are they to engage visitors, are they the product expert, do they need to present something to clients?

Have a Compelling Activity for Your Audience.

This will give them a reason to come visit your booth. If you have a new product a demo is a great idea. If you offer a service have a training session or a learning game that is interactive. At the very least have a fun contest and ask your visitors to participate so they can win a prize.

Set the Stage.

Clear graphics with your company name are essential but not enough. Have ample space so staffers can interact with visitors with ease.  That should include an area to show them your products or talk to them, a counter to write things down, a demo area or presentations podium if needed. Also consider providing a space for your visitors to sit and lounge.

Bring Enough Staffers.

But not too many. You should have enough people so that they can each play a key role and have time to have meaningful conversations without feeling rushed. However, don’t bring so many that they overpower the space and start talking more with each other than with attendees. If you have too many at one point send them to take a break nearby and have them called as they are needed.

Make transactions easy and painless.

Don’t make people have to wait to talk to a staffer or get their badge scanned to qualify to win a prize. Get good lead capturing software or hardware and ensure staffers know how to use it so well that they could do it with their eyes closed or while engaging in a fun and entertaining conversation. This is another great reason to practice this part during training.

Have a Script!

That should include a list of engaging questions and a list of answers for commonly asked questions. A list of descriptions for the demos, training or anything else taking place in your booth.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Share information about the show as early as possible. Schedule at least three practice sessions and consider offering a small prize for the best staffers who participate. Ensure they also practice using technology you will use for the show including lead capture, touch screens and any interactive elements in role playing exercises. I would even go as far as requiring they participate in the training sessions if they will be staffing the booth.

Another great idea is to hire an agency to help you develop a compelling theme to help you attract and entertain your prospects. This agency could also help you train your staffers as needed.

What has worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below.