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Should I Move to a Large Exhibit? Business Reasons to Scale Up

At certain times, it makes sense for companies to level up their trade show game by upgrading to larger exhibit spaces and customizing their booth. And if you're considering the move, you're in for a new, super-sized experience from pre-show through post-show. This transition requires a change in your strategy, including how you design the exhibit around your business objectives.

Here are the most common business reasons that have companies gravitating toward larger exhibits.

The Drivers Behind the Move:

1. Branding Brilliance
Scaling up to a large custom modular exhibit is akin to stepping from the wings of a theater onto the stage. Large exhibit spaces are an ideal platform to elevate your brand and command attention from clients and prospects alike. Some branding and PR initiatives, such as a brand launch, repositioning, new executive announcements, or acquisitions, have a reasonably short window during which you can make a significant impact. It is imperative that you leverage every opportunity to tell your story. With a larger space, attendees will experience your brand at a whole new depth.

2. Infusion of Capital

When capital comes pouring in, especially in the start-up world, it's time to showcase your success with an exhibit that radiates confidence and energy. A larger exhibit space gives you the perfect opportunity to make a profound statement, capturing attention and attracting the right customers, partners, and investors.

3. Launching Products

Trade shows are the ultimate launching pad for new products, where face-to-face interactions generate both awareness and valuable feedback. A larger booth allows for captivating product demos and interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees, delivering tangible outcomes.

4. Revenue Expansion

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, and larger exhibits are unmatched when it comes to driving leads and filling sales pipelines. With strategic engagement opportunities and technology to help you qualify leads on the show floor, you'll get the attention of potential clients, fostering one-on-one interactions that lead to qualified conversions.

5. Cultivating Relationships

Personal connections have become even more valuable in the age of remote work, digital dominance, and shrinking travel budgets. Trade shows allow you to nurture client relationships, fostering a sense of exclusivity and engagement that can't be replicated online. Design a welcoming environment within your large exhibit space where clients feel valued and engaged while learning more about your products and brand.

Designing for Outcomes

A larger exhibit is a significant investment, but the rewards are substantial and tangible. Our proprietary 2D2A methodology ties your exhibit design to business outcomes. Before getting down to the crucial details of location, design, and activations, it's essential to embrace a data-driven approach and incorporate measurement into the attendee journey

Elevating Your Brand Presence:

When you upgrade to a larger exhibit space, everything is bigger, which means your brand needs to be picture-perfect. There are a few branding principles to get you there.

  • Consistent Brand Communication: Engage your audience with concise, compelling messaging reflecting your brand's identity from initial pre-show connections through your booth experience to post-show communications. A sure way to enhance consistency is by using key brand messages and voice. Be sure to discuss your brand with the design team so they can reflect it authentically. 
  • Graphic Brilliance: Graphic standards are just as important as key messages. Provide the design team with any corporate guidance on your visual identity and share any ongoing campaigns with them so that your booth seamlessly integrates into your larger marketing programs. Utilize high-quality materials and equipment to create stunning graphics that capture attention and portray your brand in its best light.
  • Train Booth Staff: People are the most powerful branding tool. Prior to the show, train your booth staff on your key brand messages, attendee journey, and expected business outcomes. By embodying your brand's values, they can help you move the needle.

However, this transition also presents unique challenges compared to an inline booth, such as increased costs and the need for more staff. Partnering with a company experienced in crafting large, custom exhibits and guiding you through the bridge from a smaller space is crucial. They can help you navigate these challenges and ensure a successful transition.

Why Your Exhibit Partner Matters

The right partner understands the complexities of large-scale exhibits and possesses the expertise to ensure a smooth transition from a traditional inline booth to a larger space. They can assist you in navigating the strategy and design process, maximizing the space for impactful storytelling, and integrating strategic digital elements to create truly unforgettable experiences that surpass your objectives. The right partner also has a full breadth of manufacturing and fabrication skills, and comprehensive exhibit services to execute your vision.

Moving to a larger island exhibit allows a company to highlight its brand more effectively, create a more engaging experience for attendees, and ultimately achieve its trade show goals more successfully.

If you're considering scaling up to a larger exhibit, Skyline is your one source for all exhibiting needs. With our signature Custom Modular Systems and a diverse range of exhibit products, including rentals and digital solutions, we empower you to make a significant impact while optimizing your budget. We ensure your trade show presence is memorable and strategically aligned with your business objectives.