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The Power of Measuring Trade Shows

As marketers we understand that every dollar in the budget counts, and trade shows often represent the most significant investment in our budget. However, most exhibit programs are treated like checklists, requiring a more strategic approach to deliver on business objectives. To address this issue, we are proud to introduce CMX. CMX is a game-changing approach to exhibiting, designed to create engaging and memorable exhibits that align with business goals and provide measurable insights to enhance performance. 

CMX can take your exhibit from a basic booth to an impactful experience. Our 2D2A Methodology, comprising four stages - Discover, Define, Activate, and Analyze - is pivotal in measuring success and gaining invaluable insights that allow you to refine your exhibiting program continually.  

The Discover stage sets the foundation for your exhibit strategy by identifying objectives and understanding your target audience. This is also when you connect with business partners to discuss specific objectives and justify your budget to leadership. 

During the Define stage, we formulate and design an exhibit experience that is focused on your business and marketing objectives. Here, we determine clear and measurable goals and delve into your target attendees and desired actions, driving your exhibit toward business results. To make a lasting impact, we recommend dividing your exhibit design into zones with specific messaging and assigning booth staff based on their expertise. Each booth staff member is responsible for collecting information to better qualify your exhibit attendees. This ensures that your attendees are guided through each step of their journey, encountering relevant and impactful messaging at every turn. 

Measurement is not an afterthought in our strategic process. Starting in the Discover and Define stages, we ask the right questions to determine what success will look like and which metrics are essential to capture. We create a framework that streamlines reporting by aligning measurement with your exhibit and your business objectives. 

With purposeful design in hand, it's time to Activate. This stage involves building and developing an action plan that brings your exhibit to life - both physically and digitally. By transforming concepts into reality, your exhibit experience takes shape in physical space, structure, and digital activations. We also determine when and where to utilize digital measurement tools, enabling you to fine-tune your exhibit's impact. 

In the Analyze stage, we deep-dive into your exhibit's performance, reporting on crucial factors such as ROI (Return on Investment), ROE (Return on Experience), and ROO (Return on Objectives). By summarizing your goals, objectives, metrics, roles, responsibilities, and measurement tools, it becomes your guidepost in future exhibit planning. Of course, your booth staff plays a critical role in accurately capturing data and insights throughout the attendee journey. With comprehensive training on activation zones, their roles, key messaging, and how they support your objectives, they become valuable assets in ensuring accurate data collection and reporting. 

Creating a measurable and impactful large exhibit isn't just about analyzing past performance; it's about building a foundation for future success. That's where our measurement dashboard comes in. Tailored to your specific program, it becomes your tool for organizing data and creating a data-driven strategy going forward. Our 2D2A methodology leverages insights from exhibit performance to continually improve the attendee experience, fostering a stronger connection with your brand. 

In a recent survey, we discovered that exhibitors want to measure their booth's performance but often need more know-how. At Skyline, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your exhibit creates a significant impact and delivers on your business objectives. With CMX and our 2D2A Methodology, you can confidently navigate the trade show landscape, standing out with high-impact designs and strategic digital activations that fuel meaningful engagements. We will elevate your trade show presence together, leaving a lasting impression that drives actual results. 

Download an infographic on CMX 2D2A Methodology and contact us today to get started!