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Why Many Exhibitors Choose Rental Trade Show Displays

When it comes to exhibiting, something every company must determine is whether renting their display is more beneficial than buying them. As a matter of fact, there are certain benefits to trade show display rental, as well as purchases. The right trade show dealer will assist you in determining how your company can benefit from each. Here are some of the advantages of trade show display rentals.

1. Rental Exhibits Allow Flexibility and Broader Exhibit Options Show to Show

One of the factors that make renting so attractive to exhibitors is that it enables them to make changes more frequently and gives them flexibility. You have a certain advantage, if you’re not locked into one specific exhibit. If you rent, you can conveniently make your exhibit bigger, smaller, simpler, or more complex, depending on your preferences, as well as the type of event. Even changing the design, layout, and messaging of your booth is hassle free, allowing your company to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

2. Renting Does Not Mean Quality is Compromised 

Quality is something that is on the top of most exhibitors’ priority lists. After all, exhibits are direct reflections of the companies they represent. If your booth is not maintained well or professional looking, chances are, customers will make assumptions about how your business operates. You can rest assured that there are providers that offer extremely high quality rentals. It is best to choose a provider that is known for producing durable, lightweight exhibits.

3. Renting is a More Affordable Option

For a lot of companies, trade show display rentals may be the most affordable option. This is especially true for an exhibitor that is just starting out, as well as a business that does not attend very many shows. Even more experienced exhibitors can benefit from the affordability of renting. For example, perhaps a company wants to have a larger presence at a specific event. The ability to rent the necessary products, rather than purchase them will save the exhibitor money. Not to mention, when you rent a product, it allows you to try it out without making the commitment of buying it.

4. There are Many Rental Options

There are a variety of services available in conjunction with rentals. Another reason to rent products is because there are a variety of valuable exhibit management services available to you. For example, installation and dismantling services are offered for larger rentals, such as island exhibits. Additionally, the company you rent displays from can typically handle the storage, shipping, repair, and maintenance of your booth. Not only that, but there are dealers that also offer on-site supervision and show service coordination. These services can save your team a lot of time, stress, and money.

5. Portable Rentals Are Easy to Install Yourself.

If saving money is your business’s number one priority, you will  probably choose to rent portable displays and set them up yourself. Rent from a dealer that specializes in making lightweight displays that can be installed easily, quickly, and without the use of any special tools. This will provide your team with a speedy, stress-free set up and tear down process at each event, allowing you to spend more of your time and energy interacting with potential customers.

Keep these advantages in mind, if you are trying to determine whether you can benefit from trade show display rentals.

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About the Author

Mary Rita Crowe was the Managing Director at Skyline Exhibits Chicago.

3 responses to “Why Many Exhibitors Choose Rental Trade Show Displays

  1. I think rentals are a smart way to do trade shows because, like you said, they’re more affordable and you can set them up yourself! That can help save you some of the trouble of putting a display together. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are several surprising benefits that you can get from renting a trade show exhibit and it is great that your article covers so many of them. It is particularly great that you bring up the idea of renting being the more affordable option. After all, you may want your company to be a part of the trade show, but not have to waste the money on a permanent exhibit that you won’t be using all the time.

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