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Why Investing in a Quality Booth is a Huge Money Saver


Why buy an exhibit from an experienced and reputable trade show company instead of opting for that tempting, online price that just sounds too good to be true? Simply put, you get what you pay for.

There are plenty of companies claiming their budget-friendly exhibits loud and proud online. However, when it comes time to finding an exhibit that checks all your boxes AND standing the test of time, do not let that low price tag make you pull out the company card just yet.

There are plenty of arguments one could make for a cheap exhibit in the moment, but here is why investing in a quality exhibit from a trustworthy trade show display leader is going to actually save you money in the long run. (You’ll be surprised at how many hidden expenses will come along with a ‘cheap’ online exhibit order!)

An exhibit made with quality materials is going to look just as great for years to come.

Skyline’s pricing philosophy is not to offer the lowest price. Instead, we aim to provide you with the greatest possible exhibiting value. In the trade show exhibit world, ‘high-quality’ and ‘long-lasting’ are typically not synonymous with ‘discounted’ and ‘big savings.’ While many online-only display sellers make these exact promises, you might be surprised at what shows up on your company’s doorstep.

While reputable trade show exhibit companies can back their promises of quality-made materials with the technology and innovation used to create them, most online sellers cannot make the same guarantee. Ordering an exhibit online could leave you with faded graphics, colors that do not match up with your exact brand colors, and less than professional looking pieces made with poor craftsmanship. Since trade shows are all about creating a good image for your business, you would never want your exhibit to come to the show floor looking unpresentable.

Of course, it is possible that your booth could show up looking good. However, staying shiny and new will become an issue as these booths are generally made with cheaper materials, so wear and tear can lead to breakage quickly. If you are in the market to invest in a new display every show or two, an online vendor may just be the way to go. On the other hand, with reputable display companies, you will know which materials are being used for each project and structure and can be assured your investment is durable enough to last for more than just a couple of shows (when properly cared for).

Buying from a reputable exhibit company means you will get an exhibit that fits your brand to a T.

Your trade show display should be made to fit your company’s needs and your needs only. When searching for a trade show display vendor, ask if they offer a discovery process to get a real understanding of not only your brand, but your trade show goals/objectives, and your competitive landscape. You should not simply be offered 4 unoriginal options and be told to pick one that seems like the best fit that they will then slap your graphics on. Together, you should create the best fit for your exact specifications and needs.

An experienced design team will work with you to bring your expectations and thoughts into a reality on the trade show floor. Uncovering those intangible aspects of your trade show marketing program through the discovery process will lead to higher satisfaction. This means you won’t be investing in a booth unless you’re absolutely sure about every corner, every graphic, and every other aspect of your display.

That same design time will also be there to adjust your booth layout or design as changes become necessary. Instead of having to purchase an entirely new display online again when you need new graphics – or need to add components to fit a larger booth space, you will be able to work with your designers to modify – or add to – your existing structure as needed.

Investing in a quality exhibit means you will save big on drayage and storage.

Modular exhibits are made to be light! This is in part because it makes setup easier but also means lighter transporting. Did you know that drayage, which is the cost of transporting your exhibit from the warehouse to its booth space, is most often charged based on weight? That means while you might have spent less on an online booth, you may make up for it in hefty shipping rates. Cheap online sellers often do not make an effort to minimize weight, using heavier, less expensive materials.

One study by Tradeshow Week found that Skyline’s custom modular exhibits weigh 60% less than traditional custom exhibits! That is because our goals for lighter weight, smaller packing, easier installation, and the flexibility to change your design are all keeping you and your needs top of mind.

Another cost saver when working with an experienced design team is their ability to create your exhibit to save space by designing booths that use fewer and lighter materials. This lighter packing will help keep drayage costs down and being able to pack your exhibit more efficiently will also help with less expensive storage rates.
Don’t be caught off guard with unexpected fees when investing in a trade show exhibit. There is plenty to know when it comes to the trade show world and the many unfamiliar steps you might need to take to make your trade show marketing plans a reality.

Our team at Skyline Exhibits will do our best to partner with you in creating a trade show display that your company takes pride in. That means the highest quality materials, on-brand, show-stopping graphics, and an exhibit that looks like.