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Where to Start When Creating Custom Trade Show Graphics  

When working a crowded event venue, standing out from the competitive masses is crucial; using your corporate trade show graphics to effectively compel and inform the crowd can have a major impact on everyone who comes into contact with your organization. When used effectively, trade show graphics prevent businesses from fading into the showroom background. They can help them catapult ahead of the opposition and optimize overall return on investment at each of your events.

woman and man transferring application from smart mobile phone tBreaking Down Your Trade Show Graphics Strategy With 3 Questions

#1: Who Are Your Consumers?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand exactly who your company’s consumer sect is. Knowing who you are marketing to, as well as their specific needs and wants, will play a key role in the images and pictures that you’ll want to use throughout your exhibit. If you’re targeting a more tech savvy crowd, your images on your display would be very different than what you would use to attract marketers.

#2: What Problems Do Your Products/Services Solve?

Once you know and understand your audience, it’s important to consider how your business’ products and services help solve their problems and/or satisfy their needs. Pinpointing how your organization solves problems for patrons can help us pinpoint the best pictures to use within your booth. Simultaneously incorporating pictures and content is an effective way to showcase your business’ biggest strengths to your audience.

#3: What Goals Are You Trying to Achieve?

Companies focused primarily on broadening the reach of their corporate brand will have a different visual approach than organizations trying to strengthen ties with existing clients. How will your goals alter your objective? Understanding your specific objectives will help you to create a visual concept that best helps you achieve these goals.

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