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What’s Trending in Trade Show Displays

After a long break, trade shows are back with a vengeance!

Are you getting ready to attend some trade shows this year? Are you unsure of how to make your booth stand out?

Read on to learn about the latest exhibiting trends and find out what’s hot in the exhibition industry. You’ll also find some tips to help you incorporate them into your booth or display!

Trend 1: Sustainability

Over the last several years, businesses of all sizes have emphasized going green and embracing sustainability. Trade shows — and those who participate in them — are no exception.

This year, lots of businesses will be focusing on sustainability when it comes to their trade show displays. Here are some specific ways they might do this:

  • Signs and other display products made from recycled materials
  • Sustainable graphics made without petroleum by-products
  • Use of natural materials like wood and bamboo
  • Use of water-based stains that are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Some brands are also changing up the types of swag they give out at trade shows. For example, they may hand out products made from recycled materials, or they may serve food with compostable spoons, forks, or napkins.

Trend 2: Technology

After taking a couple of years off from big trade shows, lots of brands are eager to show off their new technology.

This year — and in years to come — there will surely be an emphasis on exciting technology at big marketing events. The following are some examples of technology you might see in 2022:

  • Virtual reality or augmented reality to create a more immersive and engaging experience
  • 3D hologram displays
  • Interactive walls and displays
  • Use of tablets, QR codes, and digital business cards instead of traditional materials
  • Digital displays instead of traditional signs and banners

Even if you’re not in a very tech-heavy business, you can still benefit from incorporating new technology into your display. This is a great way to draw more people in to see what you have to offer.

Trend 3: Comfortable Conversations

Lots of brands are utilizing new technology in their trade show displays. However, the use of technology shouldn’t come at the expense of attendees’ comfort.

At trade shows this year, you’ll likely see lots of businesses going above and beyond to keep attendees comfortable. This ensures they’ll stick around longer and learn more about your brand.

Here are some examples of how you can take advantage of this trend and make your trade show displays more comfortable and inviting:

  • Set up comfortable chairs for attendees to rest their feet
  • Offer a snack or drink to everyone who stops by
  • Offer fans or other tools to keep attendees cold and comfortable

Make sure you’re also offering comfortable conversations.

Encourage your team members to communicate with everyone who stops by your display and build a relationship with them. The more you learn about each attendee who visits your display, the easier it’ll be to convert them to paying customers.

Trend 4: Lighting

The right lighting can make or break your trade show display.

This year, you won’t just see the standard, stationary lights used to highlight certain items or features. You’ll see light acting as a more active component of the display. The following are some specific ways that brands might do this:

  • Color-changing lights
  • Changes in light intensity (pulsing, fading, etc.)
  • Changes in brightness to create a hierarchy within your display
  • Responsive or motion-activated lighting that changes when people walk by

Getting more creative with your lighting is an effective way to draw people in and get them interested in what you’re selling. You can adjust the light to create a sense of drama or intrigue, or you can use them to show that your brand is fun and exciting.

Trend 5: Playfulness

After a couple of very stressful years where everyone was stuck at home, people are desperate to have some fun. Brands that want to take a different approach at upcoming trade shows should incorporate a sense of playfulness into their displays.

Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Get attendees involved in games (video games, simple games like cornhole, etc.)
  • Host contests or giveaways
  • Set up a photo booth or photo backdrop with fun props

People want to have fun, even when they’re at a work event. If you want to draw people to your display, offer something that puts a smile on their faces!

Try Out These Exhibiting Trends Today

Now that you know more about new technology and trade show display trends, are you feeling inspired to make some changes to your booth?

From prioritizing sustainability to making your display more fun, there are lots of ways to shake things up this year. Keep these trends in mind so you can spruce up your display and attract more attention at your next event.