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What Is The First Criteria For Going Green?

green tradeshow exhibitingThe number one factor for determining  if you should have a green exhibit program, is if your exhibit is designed for the most efficient shipping. Consider the fact that trade show exhibits shipping across the country many times per show season, over several years, are spewing thousand of pounds of carbon emissions. Exhibits that ship the most efficiently can have substantial effect in reduction, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint…and that’s a very good thing for everyone! So green exhibiting really does make sense.

Custom Modular vs. Traditional Hard Wall Exhibits

By shipping a 20′ x 30′ custom modular exhibit (rather than a 20′ x 30′ traditional hard wall custom exhibit) to just one show reduces the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere by nearly 2 times its own weight.  That one-show carbon emission reduction is larger than if you switched from your regular, gas guzzler to a hybrid car for an entire year.  Over this exhibit’s lifetime, shipping that same 20′ x 30′ custom modular to 3 shows a year for 5 years will reduce 62,299 pounds (or 27 times the exhibit’s weight) the amount of carbon emissions, from entering into our atmosphere.

It’s easy to make a difference, long term as well as immediate.  For example, you’ll also notice “green” savings as a result of reduced shipping charges.  Good for your budget.  Good for your business.  Good for all.

Thinking Green?  Go Rental!

For the greatest overall savings a custom modular rental may be the perfect green fit for your exhibiting program.  Both of the exhibit designs below are custom rentals.  Many rental depots are stocked with inventory and located at major venue sites.  The carbon emissions savings coupled with greatly reduced transportation costs will be a big step towards maximum impact, increased ROI, reduced expenses.

green tradeshow exhibit

green tradeshow exhibit

Reducing costs for you and reducing harmful emissions for the planet are great benefits of a green trade show display.  Making the up front investment in a sharply designed custom modular exhibit that provides quality and looks will help you rule the trade show floor and make it worth every penny.

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Linda-Marie Martinez was an Exhibiting Consultant from Skyline Orange County.

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