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Virtual Events: Are They Right for You?


“If a virtual event falls flat on its face in a forest, does it matter what platform it was on?” ~unknown

I wish I could recall where I heard that quote. I’ve been learning about the virtual event world for about two years now. But, I remember laughing, because it’s so true.

If no one attends, remembers, learns from, buys from, is impacted by your virtual event, then does it really matter which platform it was hosted on?

Let’s first dive into what a virtual event is, because many have (incorrectly) classified them as a Zoom meeting (or whatever platform is comparable). A virtual event is so much more. Some examples include:

  1. Trade Shows
  2. Leadership Summits
  3. Sales Conferences
  4. User Events
  5. Fundraising Events
  6. Job Fairs
  7. Sales and Marketing Meetings
  8. Vendor Events
  9. Internal Training
  10. Certification Programs
  11. Roadshows
  12. Webinars
  13. Product Launches
  14. Employee Appreciation Events
  15. Continuous Education Events
  16. Award Ceremonies
  17. Workshops

As you can see from the list, any gathering of people that involves an exchange of information can be done virtually. However, why would you want to?

Next, let’s dive into some reasons people hold a virtual event and what they accomplish. A virtual event:

  1. Enhances product knowledge
  2. Offers entertainment
  3. Increases ROI
  4. Promotes brand awareness
  5. Encourages networking
  6. Magnifies lead generation
  7. Reaches new audiences
  8. Tracks serious buyers interests
  9. Builds brand loyalty
  10. Fosters collaboration
  11. Boosts sales
  12. Distributes critical information
  13. Accelerates the buying cycle
  14. Works in conjunction with your current CRM, so you can build future marketing initiatives with live data.

If anything I mentioned above is listed in your marketing plan, then a virtual event is right for you.

But, be warned: virtual events doesn’t mean less work. Delivering a wildly successful event still takes effort and attention to detail. You want your guests to get the most out of their time. You want them to be fully engaged and glad they showed up. Of course with our expertise, we will set you up for success.


About the Author

Heather Bundgaard is a Custom Virtual Event and Trade Show Display Account Manager at Skyline TradeTec, located in Lombard, Illinois. Her marketing career started over 25 years ago with a focus on trade show planning and execution. Heather's current role allows her to work with various companies and industries on their custom virtual and physical trade show needs: from design, to implementation, to post-event analyzing, to asset management. Heather strives to provide supreme customer experience in order to relieve her clients of stress and wasted time.

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