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Video Blog: Using Video for Trade Show Promotions

The use of video for trade show promotions has become increasingly popular. Recently I met with Dave Anderson, Principal of Stream Three Creative an Indianapolis video production firm that assists in clients taking advantage of the power of video.

In this segment we discuss some of the benefits of using video in your trade show display.  We’ll discuss everything from the power of video as a relationship-building tool to engagement and budget.



In this segment with Dave Anderson, Principal of Stream Three Creative. Dave and I discuss using video on the trade show floor in your display. We cover topics such as taping promo’s before the show, collateral after the show and live streaming.



Video continues to increase in popularity. We’ve had clients want to integrate video more often into their trade show booths, which is why Skyline has new products like the DesignView Presentation System, the Large Monitor Station and Mirage Monitor Mount, to give them multiple ways to present video.

I hope you found this helpful if you were planning on using video in your trade show booth – and perhaps inspired you to consider video if you were not planning it before!

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About the Author

Reggie Lyons was a Trade Show Marketing Consultant with Skyline Exhibits by Larry Reitz & Associates, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  1. Would have been much more informative with actual samples of video in use at trade shows. The audio track had all the information.

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