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Using Facebook To Enhance Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

Utilizing Social Media As Part Of Your Inherent Trade Show Marketing Approach For Events

As our attending audience has evolved over the years, too, should our methods for marketing our business’ participation in any given event. By its very nature, trade shows of any type can be categorized as a “social event.”  Today’s savvy marketers understand that, in order to maximize ROI, at these new, quality-over-quantity driven functions, it’s imperative to also include modern social methods found via the Internet. Placing a heavy focus on the personal interactions and relationships with clients and contacts through social media resources is the only way to truly optimize public engagement and ensure that your organization stands out from the competitive crowd.

At Skyline Exhibits, we’ve firmly established ourselves as, not only a leader for trade show design, fabrication and services, but also, for our innovative, educational programs as well.  We tout a long and successful legacy of seminars, white papers and webinars that help our partners stay ahead of the trade show marketing curve (as well as the competition). Today, Skyline’s social media pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter and the like, are followed by thousands of marketers in every industry seeking guidance on how to best amplify their showroom presence and effectively engage with their consumer niche.

Skyline New York Uses Facebook To Connect With Marketers In Every Industry

Facebook for EventsHere at Skyline New York, we know that, of the many social media networks available, Facebook has proven to be one of the most potent trade show marketing resources. Why? Because Facebook connects marketers in every industry quickly with the consuming masses. Recent studies show that 42% of the U.S. population is on Facebook and, of that percentage, 47% say that Facebook has the greatest impact on purchasing behavior.  As marketers we have to ask ourselves, “Can my company benefit from having a professional online presence with consumers about our trade show engagement using this social media outlet?”  The answer is, most certainly, yes.

While the benefits of using Facebook as part of a trade show marketing initiative are extensive, it’s important to note that having a detailed strategy can help minimize wasted efforts and maximize success.  At Skyline New York we recommend the following tips and pointers to yield the best results possible:

  • Start off with one “inaugural event” to streamline your social media marketing efforts at first
  • Create a measurable, tangible goal (number of likes, shares, new followers, etc.)
  • Unveil an incentive that resonates with your audience for “checking-in” through Facebook at your exhibit the day of the event
  • Advertise your incentive/contest heavily pre-show on Facebook to get the word out to potential attendees so they will want to visit your exhibit
  • During the show, in addition to your services and products, have your Facebook “check-in” incentive be part of the dialog throughout the event
  • Train your team to help manage incoming exhibit visitors who want to check-in during the trade show
  • Post pictures on your business Facebook page throughout day showing visitors checking in to encourage more guests to stop by

As with any trade show marketing initiative, post-event results are key to determine success and weakness in your campaign.  Calculate the number of new followers to determine how successful your initiative was as well as pinpoint areas that may need modification in future functions.  Once the data has been compiled, it’s time to begin your professional relationship with all our new followers!  Strategically and consistently engaging with your new Facebook fan base is the perfect way to connect, engage, inform and compel for long-term partnerships, leads and conversions.

Evolving Role of Exhibit Marketers: free white paperExhibit marketers like you are expanding their role in social media and taking on other new challenges.  For more information on the newest tasks and challenges facing trade show marketers today read The Evolving Role Of Exhibit Marketers.  Click here to request your free white paper.

About the Author

Bob Watson has been helping clients in the New York region dominate trade show marketing events for over 30 years. As President of Skyline New York, a leading trade show marketing resource known for customized exhibit innovations, Bob helps his partners use distinctive modular components to create New York trade show displays and complementing banner stands that captivate and compel crowds while effectively broadening brand exposure and reach. For more information on trade show displays, trade show booths, and trade show exhibits in New York, please visit

3 responses to “Using Facebook To Enhance Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

  1. I totally disagree. Like me on Facebook indicates to many professionals that this is not a real serious business. I know many large companies put lime me on Facebook Etc but to many of us that is an insult. I want to see their real web page and I do not want, nor do I want my customers to communicate with me through Facebook.

  2. Dan – I have to agree with Bob. As a professional internet marketing firm, I have seen high value from FaceBook and trade show industry clients.

    While Facebook may not be the ideal marketing platform for some business owners or industries, I do know that if the campaign is well thought out and implemented correctly, social media can be very effective.

    I will admit that there are some companies out there that do not use this social media tool in a appropriate and professional way. However to say that all companies with a Facebook presence look unprofessional, is quite a stance. Most of the top corporations in the US have a Facebook page, and also stay professional in doing so. I believe taking the time to create and implement a social media marketing strategy that is appropriately geared towards your target audience is essential.

    Technology is ever changing, and business marketing must evolve with these changes. Facebook has proven that it is not simply a fad or trend, but it provides sustenance in the marketplace.

    Your business is for your customers. Through the “Like” engagement, Facebook is a great way to strengthen those customer bonds, build new relationships and gain insights to what your customers need/want.

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