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Using Every Dimension For Your Custom Trade Show Display

tradeshow booth dimensionWhen designing a custom trade show display, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of fonts, graphics, portable displays versus banners and how much information you do or don’t want to focus on. But, there are also space and dimension considerations that are just as important.  Keep in mind that you will have only a limited amount of space to work in when you set up a display for a trade show.  In smaller spaces, you may have to limit yourself to portable displays, but you can still maximize your square footage’s impact by focusing on every dimension of your space and using it creatively.

Width Is The Opening Act

Most people focus first on how wide their booth space will be.  They create trade show booths that take advantage of every inch of the length of the area to promote their product or service, making sure that the information visitors need is right up front.  While this is a good way to entice people, it is a mistake to put all of your information out there. You don’t want convention attendees to snag copies of your brochure and your giveaway gift without having to leave the flow of traffic.  You don’t want them to move on without even slowing down.  A teaser headline on a banner stand or a bold graphic arching over their heads will encourage visitors to step inside your booth to learn more.

Depth Draws Visitors Into Your Custom Trade Show Display

Think of booth frontage as the opening act.  It should pique people’s interest and draw them in. Once inside, however, depth is the real star. Think of the layout of your area as an opportunity to incorporate layers of information.  In the middle area, portable displays can offer attendees brochures, giveaway items or a sign-up sheet. Visitors should be able to learn a bit more about your company and have their interest reinforced at this point.  Toward the back of your display for a tradeshow there should be a big pay-off.  Perhaps this will be a demonstration, hands-on exhibit or an opportunity to have a bit of your staffers’ undivided attention.  If there is enough depth, you can even install a small seating area with a table and a few chairs to encourage visitors to stop for a few minutes to talk.  They’ll appreciate the chance to rest tired feet, and they are less likely to wander off without having given you a few moments of their time.

Use Height To Reach For The Skies

Even in convention centers and on trade show floors with limited floor space, the ceilings are often quite high.  Be sure to ask how high a display for a trade show booth can be at each venue and whether it is unobstructed.  This is valuable real estate; use it to full effect by using an oversized, suspended element to draw people’s eyes from several yards away.  If your display is literally “head and shoulders above the rest,” it will be truly memorable to potential leads.

By fully incorporating width, depth and height into your display for a trade show, you’ll create an inviting area that is far more than the sum of its parts.  Using banners, portable displays and other elements, you can strategically plan a layered approach that will capture and hold the attention of every visitor.

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About the Author

Shawn Lacagnina was a sales manager at Skyline Displays of Houston in Houston, Texas.

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