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Show Your Audience the Benefits of Attending Trade Shows Now


If trade show marketing plays a key role in your business’s success, then it’s important that your target audience is attending your trade shows. In the past, you’ve probably promoted your upcoming shows to your social media audience and email lists. Maybe you’ve talked about different aspects of each specific show you’ve attended or you’ve shared what attendees could expect from visiting your booth at each show.

Have you ever thought about speaking to your audience about the overall benefits of attending trade shows in general? Since a large portion of your audience may not attend trade shows, find ways to let them know how they can benefit from doing so!

Tell your audience about the benefits of seeing new products in person.

One of the biggest reasons why people attend trade shows is to see new products. If you’re a product-based business, then letting your audience know that they can see your products working up close and personal is a smart move!

Your audience can see ads all day long for different products. They can go on store websites and research facts and reviews. However, there’s nothing that can replace seeing and experiencing a product in person to determine if it’s the right one for them or for their company. Hit on these topics when you’re sharing with your audience the benefits of attending trade shows.

Since your trade show marketing strategy allows you to highlight what’s new and valuable about your brand, it’s a win-win when current customers are able to attend your trade show and see this in person, generating increased brand loyalty.

Share the benefits of education at trade shows.

Successful people are continuously learning and growing, which is why trade shows are great for those seeking out education. According to Trade Show Executive, 66% of people at trade shows are aiming to increase their professional knowledge.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important that your exhibit serves some kind of education to its attendees. Many exhibitors don’t take into consideration the expectation of attendees coming to learn. If you are able to make customer education part of your exhibit marketing strategy, it will undoubtedly give you a leg up on your competition. Not only will you be portraying your business as an industry leader, but it will also help build strong relationships, grow trust in your brand, and generate sales.

Target the part of your audience who is seeking out knowledge by sharing the benefits of education provided at trade shows. Talk about the advantage of receiving face-to-face education and why it should matter to them!

Tell your audience about the benefits of networking at trade shows.

Those who visit trade shows understand the many networking benefits from attending them. However, many people are unaware of this trade show advantage.

Many key decision-makers are looking to expand their spending and network with potential options beforehand. Trade shows are the perfect place to get a feel for potential business partners and give attendees a chance to figure out their options and find their best fit.

It’s important that you teach your trade show staff to form genuine connections that make a lasting impression on potential buyers. This can create so many new avenues for future business. Speaking with rather than at the people in your booth will start building real relationships. When you have conversations with attendees, you’ll be able to learn about them and get feedback! This is a plus from exhibiting that gives you some insight into how your audience thinks. Understanding your audience is a useful way to appeal to them and speak to them more effectively in the future.

These are just a few benefits that attendees can expect when they attend a trade show. Sharing this insight with your audience is a great way to get them excited to attend your next trade shows. Getting your loyal buyers into your booth generates even stronger relationships and getting potential buyers into your booth is an opportunity to give them a brand experience that they won’t forget.