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Understanding Your Basic Trade Show Exhibit Options

trade-show-optionsIf your company is considering the idea of investing in a booth, it is important to understand the basic options that are available to you. This list gives a brief description of each type of trade show display so that you can better understand their function and which is right for you.

Portable Displays: Small But Mighty

Though these custom displays are small, they are still highly effective. This category encompasses tabletops, 20-foot displays, 10-foot displays, banner stands, and tables and kiosks. The portable display’s unique advantage is increased flexibility. Since they fit into one or two small boxes, they can easily be transported anywhere. With hassle-free set-up, exhibitors will spend less time and energy setting up, and more time and energy interacting with visitors. These high-impact displays are also cost-effective because businesses can transport, store, and assemble the exhibits themselves.

Modular Inline Exhibits: More Than a Billboard

These booths offer a bold, professional look as well as a functional workspace. They are ideal for exhibitors who want more presence than a portable display, but who don’t quite need an island exhibit. Adding a modular table or kiosk to the modular inline booth makes it the ideal space to interact with customers or members of your team. These booths also offer flexibility. The graphics can easily be re-skinned to promote a specific product. They layout can also be rearranged or expanded according to the company’s needs.

Small Island Exhibits: Stand Out from the Crowd

This custom trade show exhibit is ideal for companies who want their display to stand out from the crowd. “Small” may be in its name, but it is larger than the portable displays and inline booths. It typically ranges in size from 20′ x 20′ to 20′ x 30′, providing sufficient space to interact with visitors and showcase new products. The option of expanding in the future is always available.

Large Island Exhibits: Steal the Show

Nothing is more attention demanding at a show than a large island exhibit. It is utilized by industry leaders to make a statement as well as to create a large space to interact with potential customers, display products, and communicate information. Starting at 30′ x 30′, it gives exhibitors the freedom to get extremely creative so that they can create an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: Ultimate Flexibility

Many exhibitors may not realize that they also have the ability to rent equipment. In fact, this opportunity gives them extreme flexibility. Perhaps a company wants to try out a booth or display prior to purchasing it. Renting would allow them to do so with less cost than if they were to go ahead and purchase the equipment. In some instances, an exhibitor may already own some hardware, but may opt to rent additional equipment in order to enlarge their trade show exhibit for a particular event or show. With rentals, companies can expand or change their booths as needed.

Remember that this is only an overview, and each type of display has a plethora of exhibit options under each type. But now that you have a general understanding of your trade show booth options, you can further explore your company’s needs and start digging deeper into creating the perfect booth.

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  1. The small island idea can be highly effective, especially if you make it a point to make your booth as visually attractive as possible. Thanks for sharing!

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