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Two Basic Steps for Tracking Exhibit Marketing Campaigns

Virtually every trade show exhibitor’s website has Google Analytics tracking installed, and if yours doesn’t – may we ask why not?

But to use it effectively for marketing ROI, you need to make sure you’re tracking all of your marketing campaigns. Here are the two most common Google Analytics tracking tools you may not be using:

Trackable Campaign URLs. While your email marketing software automatically tracks metrics such as how many people received, opened, or clicked on one of your campaign links, it won’t automatically show how those click-through-visitors engaged with your website.

But by adding UTM tags to campaign URLs via Google’s Campaign URL builder, you can later use Google Analytics to determine which email blasts resulted in sales, leads, most time on site, or other key performance indicators.

The Campaign URL builder can be used to create any offsite hyperlinks that will link back to your site, including links you provide to your affiliate partners, links you share on social media, or URLs that you feature in printed marketing materials.

To later see which campaign URLs are performing the best, just log into Google Analytics and check under Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

AdWords & Analytics Linking. Google AdWords is great way to raise awareness for your exhibits, whether though search, display or remarketing ads. But if you don’t link your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account, you are missing important about how that paid traffic is (or isn’t) interacting with your website!

To find out if your AdWords or Analytics accounts have been properly linked, just login to Google Analytics and choose Acquisition > AdWords > Campaigns. You’ll see a message at the top of the screen if AdWords and Analytics with simple instructions for getting these two Google platforms to share data.

Tracking all your advertising, email, referral and social campaigns can help you tap into the robust data in your Google Analytics accounts – revealing which marketing platforms, content, ads, etc. are earning you the best ROI on your exhibit marketing dollars.

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Matt has been with the Skyline Exhibits since 2005 working in several departments from lead generation, customer engagement and marketing communications. He manages several campaigns in areas that involve database marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and website marketing. He is also a certified marketing automation administrator working on several email campaigns for Skyline's live seminars, webinars and product announcements.

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