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TSNN Interview with Skyline's Wendy Gibson: The Art of a Brand Refresh

Wendy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer at Skyline Exhibits, had the opportunity to speak with TSNN about our recent brand refresh and the key components of the process.  

As Gibson explains in the article, a brand refresh is like remodeling a home: it requires careful planning and a deliberate strategy. A brand refresh builds on the heritage and personality of your existing brand while providing the opportunity to add energy or a more modern take on it. Evolution is necessary for every brand to ensure it remains relevant and appealing to modern marketers and accurately reflects what your company offers to your clients. 

In this interview, Gibson covers the components necessary for a successful brand refresh, how to properly prioritize which brand elements to refresh, and how to gain valuable insight from your client base, sales team, and key stakeholders. She also outlines Skyline’s process for designing exhibits and trade show marketing programs to support and amplify a brand refresh. 

Read about the latest branding trends and how to complete a brand refresh. (redirects to TSNN.com).

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