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Trade Show Design Displays: In Pursuit of Perception

Tradeshow Booth Design DisplaysIn a visual marketing bazaar such as trade fairs and conventions, every visit to your trade show booth leads to a build up of pre-conceived notion. That notion is carried on to every subsequent encounter that your clients might have with your products and/or your services.  Be very purposeful as to how you want your brand to be perceived.  If you walk into a trade show exhibit of clutter, confusion and the mundane, the products and services will be perceived as such.  On the other hand, if you walk into a space of elegance, simplicity and controlled light,  you are in a perceptual space of high technology and smart efficiency.  You see, simplicity and complexity are mutually dependent.  Because technology only continues to grow more complex, there is a massive economic and emotional advantage to present it in a simple and humanized space.

Be Aware!

Your brand elements like logos, tag lines, trademarks, packaging and your trade show display might be yours; but the reality is, it is owned by your customers and your prospects.  It is their perception of your company that impacts your bottom line and ultimately your survival.  We live in a 24 hour connected world.  Be aware of the savvy planetary word-of-mouth.  Be aware, even before you get to pitch about your brand uniqueness, you might be encountering prospects that have formed perceptions about your brand.  If it is positive, your brand achieves victory, if it is negative, you shift to the mind-set of damage control. Triumphant lesson from Avis: When Avis (the # 2 car rental behind Hertz) anchored in “We try harder,” all of a sudden the brand gained momentum to aspire for something bigger.  Being #2 is positive and goal oriented.

Propagating the Positive Perception

Start with how you want your customers and prospects to think, feel, remember, and experience your exhibiting space.  The over arching goal should be positive memory retention.  Have the courage to be different and make memorable limbic connections with your visitors. Focus on white space.  It is your strategic weapon.  Let it be.  Do no cover every surface with your story.  Remember, we live in an overwhelming, information grinding, digital age.  Your exhibiting environment should be all about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.  Architectural elements and textures should work towards empowering your brand style and image.

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About the Author

Sarmistha Tarafder is the Creative Director and Choice Architect for Skyline Northern California trade show exhibits. She is the co-creator of brands in 3D spaces.

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