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Trade Show Booth Quality: You Get What You Pay For

Tradeshow Booth Quality

Has anyone ever told you “It’s about quality not quantity”?   Although this saying doesn’t apply to all aspects of life, making quality purchases helps to ease your anxiety and prolong the life of your purchase, especially with your trade show exhibit.  When something is priced at a higher margin than other competitors, it is usually for a reason: quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, better warranties, and more.

Accessorize Your Brand With Quality

For all you fashion-forward exhibitors, this situation can be likened to that of purchasing a knock-off designer handbag.  Just because the consumer MAY be the only one who knows it’s not a true brand-name bag, does not mean that she is carrying a bag of corresponding quality. Compared to a real Dolce & Gabbana, the fabric of a knock-off  bag may have only a faint smell of leather, poor craftsmanship, lackluster lining, not to mention the buyer’s big, fat conscious yelling “FAKE!” It may look good from a distance, but up close the shoddy craftsmanship shows through.  Similar to enhancing your image through fashionable accessories, you want to accessorize your brand with a well-designed, quality graphic and trade show display.  The quality that makes your brand shine is in the details of superior craftsmanship and know-how. When you value saving a few dollars over quality in trade show exhibiting, you may not be the only one who notices.

You Get What You Pay For

We recently had a client looking to save a few bucks, only to find that her bargain hunting ways back lashed.  In search of a better deal, she decided to outsource her posters to a print shop; assuming the production would be just as reliable.  She unknowingly sent over designs with little resolution.  This resulted in poor quality images that couldn’t be optimized.  Rather than informing her that the images would be blurred, the company just went ahead and printed it!  This would have never happened under our supervision.  We always proof our designs, and would deny approval to create graphics out of images that fall below quality standards.  Since she assumed this was a simple project that could be completed with the same care for a cheaper price, she left zero time for error, and therefore had no posters to use in her booth space.

Learn Your Lesson

Before you base a decision on the quantity of money you may save, you must first guarantee the quality of your investment.  Don’t end up with the fake handbag that may look good from afar, but up close is a cheap, low-quality version of what it could be.  You put a lot of time and effort into your trade show marketing plan, and completing the process with a high-quality design and exhibit is the sure fire way to reap the rewards.

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About the Author

Meghan Lutz was a Marketing Coordinator at Skyline Northeast, located in Arlington, Massachusetts.

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  1. Well said Meghan. When buying a hand bag, I’ve gotten burned on numerous occasions by trying to save a buck. Quality is the best policy. PS. Love the hat!

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