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Top Trade Show City Making Rapid Comeback


While some of the largest U.S. cities are having a harder time regaining their footing post-Covid, there is definitely no lack of an effort at this time to come back strong. This is what we are seeing in many of the top trade show cities across the U.S. in particular. While the tourism, entertainment, and event industries struggled due to restrictions at one point, it is not stopping these large cities from stepping back onto the trade show floor with a bang.

Las Vegas specifically is taking extensive measures to ensure a quick and safe return.

According to the International School of Hospitality, other than gambling, conventions come in second at keeping the 62,000 Las Vegas hotel rooms filled on a yearly basis.

With Las Vegas likely being the most well-known city for hosting some of the largest and most popular trade shows in the country, it is getting ready to roar once again. Hosting some of the top-rated trade shows like CES and CONEXPO-CON/AGG, as well as bringing in over 5 million attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center alone back in 2014, there is no doubt that it will be ready for a rapid comeback in 2021 into 2022.

And it’s already proving so. The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, shared that the state’s events can return to 100 percent capacity on June 1. While mask mandates and safety requirements will still be in place, the state expects a safe comeback as events return quickly. A few positive signs of this include:

With the city’s high-volume turnouts in the past, there is already an obvious draw for new and old exhibitors who want to get the most eyes on their business as possible. And as an icon when it comes to hosting trade shows, conventions, and expos at their well-known event facilities, Las Vegas is setting the bar high once again.

Caesars PalaceRight in the middle of the Las Vegas strip happens to be the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world, both at Caesars Forum. With over 300,000 feet of space and the ability to accommodate over 10,000 guests at once, there is no playing around when it comes to bringing its guests back together safely. Caesars Entertainment has shared its new health and safety protocols that stem from its commitment to the meeting and event industry.

With the usual protocols we have all seen (mask-wearing, social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing surfaces), their plan also dives deep into the training that their employees are undergoing to go above and beyond in keeping guests safe.

To note a few, a Citywide Meeting Operations Food Safety Manager will be leading training efforts, health screening is occurring for all employees, employees are receiving training on protocols, and mandatory hygiene schedules are also in effect.

Convention center guidelines like hand sanitizer stations, spaced seating, prepackaged meals, and many other health and safety protocols are already in effect.

Mandalay BayMandalay Bay, owned by MGM Resorts is another event facility that is coming back to event hosting quickly with its 7-Point Safety Plan.

Its early on preparation has allowed them to re-open their doors already. MGM Resorts worked alongside medical experts to develop and execute a precise health safety plan. This plan puts the health and safety of guests at the center of all they do. As a very comprehensive, multi-layered approach, here are a few things that set MGM and its 7-Point Safety Plan apart:

  • Attendees can expect screening questions, employee temperature checks, training programs on health and safety protocols. Mask mandates are also in effect. Physical distancing is being implemented through floor guides and plexiglass barriers. Hand washings stations will be easily accessible throughout the property as well.
  • While the prior list shares common requirements already in place at many establishments, MGM and Mandalay Bay are taking extra steps. They have taken rigorous measures to provide as much outside air circulation as possible throughout buildings and guest rooms with air filters. These filters meet or exceed published standards.
  • Incident response protocols are also being heavily focused on to reduce the spread of the virus on properties. If a guest or employee tests positive, staff is trained to respond quickly to sanitize the affected area.
  • Digital innovations are another aspect to recreate guest experiences through technology. Contactless options are now available for guests that were previously non-existent. This includes, for example, a self-check-in process for guests through their smartphones.

As trade shows are back on the rise with no signs of slowing down, Las Vegas is seemingly well prepared to make a rapid comeback. We will likely see many other top trade show cities follow suit. Chicago’s Mayor has also announced its plan to fully reopen by July 4th. More trade shows mean more business for all of us, and Skyline Exhibits is here and ready to help you get back to the show floor!


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