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Top 11 U.S. and Canada Food Industry Trade Shows


Every year, businesses in the U.S. visit more than a dozen regional and national trade shows (with a few international ones thrown into the mix as well). Are you getting ready to plan out your 2020-2021 trade show schedule?

If you work in the food and beverage industry, there are tons of trade show options for you to choose from, and it’s not always easy to know which ones are worth visiting and which ones are worth skipping.

If you’re not sure where to begin, keep reading. Listed below are the top 10 food industry trade shows in the U.S. and Canada you might want to visit this year.

  1. National Restaurant Association — NRA Show
    May 16-19, 2020 Chicago, IL
    This is a must-attend trade show for anyone who works in the restaurant industry, as well as the food service and hospitality industries. During the event, you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of the culinary world. You’ll even get to educate yourself on some of the latest trends taking restaurants by storm, including everything from CBD to blockchain technology.
  2. Sweet & Snacks Expo
    May 19-21, 2020, Chicago, IL
    This expo is a one-of-a-kind event designed specifically for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors who work in the candy, snack, and specialty food industry. At this show, you’ll get to learn about the latest and most innovative products that can entice your customers and put your business on the map. This year, you can look forward to a bigger show floor and more educational sessions than ever before.
  3. Healthy Family Expo
    March 29, 2020, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    This is the largest event in Canada dedicated to healthy eating and healthy living for families. It features over 200 exhibits from North American businesses and hosts over 15,000 attendees each year.
  4. Process Expo — FPSA
    October 12-15, 2021, Rosemont, IL
    If you’re ready to learn about the latest processing and packaging information, there’s tons of information and opportunities to network here. There are lots of free educational opportunities available through the expo, which hosts over 500 suppliers and more than 15,000 attendees.
  5. Dairy- Deli- Bake Seminar and Expo — IDDBA
    May 31-June 2, 2020, Indianapolis, IN
    Hosted by the IDDBA, this trade show is the perfect place for leaders and innovators to get together. Between fascinating presentations and incredible networking opportunities, it’s a great event for anyone in the industry. It hosts over 9,000 attendees each year and over 2,000 booths, so you’ll have plenty to check out during your visit (and lots of people to connect with).
  6. Summer Fancy Food Show
    June 28-30, 2020, New York, NY
    This is the largest specialty food event in all of North America. It’s the go-to show for anyone looking to showcase a new food industry innovation. It also provides you with lots of opportunities to connect with buyers in the U.S. and abroad. Keep in mind that you must be a Specialty Food Association Member if you want to have an exhibit at this event.
  7. School Nutrition Association — SNA
    July 12-14, 2020, Washington, DC
    If you’re involved in the school nutrition business in any way, or if you have a passion for introducing healthier fare into the nation’s cafeterias, this is the show for you. Here, you’ll learn all about the latest solutions designed to improve school nutrition throughout the country. You’ll have a chance to connect with over 385 exhibitors, too, as well as leading food professionals.
  8. Natural Products Expo East
    September 23-26, 2020, Philadelphia, PA
    Every year, exciting and novel products from all over the country are launched at Natural Products Expo East. Over 29,000 people visit this trade show and meet with its 450+ exhibitors, so there are tons of opportunities to network and bring in new customers.
  9. World Dairy Expo
    September 29-October 3, 2020, Madison, WI
    World Dairy Expo’s is an opportunity for producers to see cutting-edge technology and the latest dairy equipment. The global dairy industry meets in Madison bringing together researchers, technical experts and national sales representatives from around the world. The Expo’s strictly dairy-focused Trade Show is the largest of its kind, and is designed to help today’s dairy producers become more profitable.
  10. Supply Side West
    October 27- 30, 2020, Las Vegas, NV
    SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America. Focuses on product innovation and providing resources for health & nutrition professionals from the dietary supplement, food, beverage, personal care and sports nutrition industries. Over 1,300 exhibitors are expected to attend and there are 140 hours of educational and conference programming.
  11. Kosherfest 2020
    November 10-11, 2020, Seacaucus, NJ
    At Kosherfest 2020, you’ll have a chance to learn from kosher products manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from all over the globe. From supermarket owners to caterers, there are all kinds of professionals here eager to share their knowledge and give the inside scoop on the kosher food industry.

Put These Events on Your Calendar TodayAs you can see, there are lots of exciting events coming up in 2020 and 2021. Do you know which food industry trade shows you want to visit with your team? Keep this list in mind so you can make the right choices and get pumped for all the fun shows you’ll be attending!

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