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Top 10 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Trade Show Exhibit Install & Dismantle

  1. Top 10 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Tradeshow Exhibit Install & Dismantle Start with the Show Regulations.  Are you even allowed to do what you are trying to do with your trade show booth?  It varies from show to show, city to city, even venue to venue.  Know before you even begin planning.
  2. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings at All Times.  Especially watch out for forklifts and golf carts whose concentration is often on getting a task done quickly.  Large equipment typically makes noise when approaching so leave your headphones at home.
  3. Big Exhibits Go High.  So be aware of those on ladders, decks, scaffolding, and cranes.  Even the smallest falling object can cause a serious injury.
  4. Using Ladders, know the limit of your skill set.  Maintain a three point contact with the ladder when climbing or descending (that’s two feet & one hand or two hands and one foot).  Always test the ladder beforehand and check for any missing or damaged parts.
  5. Back Support. When lifting anything having to do with your trade show display, do it with proper form!  Bending to lift anything is usually bad.  Bending to lift something heavy is almost always bad.  Rather than risk your limit, ask for help when moving heavy objects.
  6. Exhibit Stability. Never assume something can stand by itself without support…even for “just a second.”  Leaving something balancing even for a few seconds can lead to injury of you or someone else.  Please don’t do it.  The same guideline goes for leaning objects against each other.
  7. Dress Smartly.  The appropriate clothing and shoes is imperative.  Avoid sandals or open toe shoes as well as excessively baggy shirts or pants.
  8. Sharp Edges are everywhere!  Table corners, deck edges, open crates, staples, nails, screws, utility knives, equipment, … If you see a hazard, help to correct it.
  9. Stay Hydrated.  Trade show floor set up and take down is usually hot and cramped.  OK, it is always hot and cramped.  There is a lot going on involving heavy equipment fumes, perspiration, and minimum air flow.  Drink plenty of water or your beverage of choice – and no, alcohol is NOT a choice.
  10. Peace-of-Mind.  Avoid all the above and gain a peace-of-mind by hiring a Certified Skyline I&D Team to deal with your install and dismantle freeing you to concentrate on what you do best…focusing on your prospects and clients in order to have the best show possible!
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About the Author

Shawn Lacagnina was a sales manager at Skyline Displays of Houston in Houston, Texas.

6 responses to “Top 10 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Trade Show Exhibit Install & Dismantle

  1. Can I add another tip? Are you getting hungry? I walk all around the show floor checking out what people are eating during the meal break. Once I see something that looks tasty I ask where they ordered it (delivered) and if they have a spare menu.

    The local labor (or those who return to the venue quite often) always know the best places that deliver and those places know where to pull up to at the loading dock.

  2. Hi, Shawn,

    I heard from an exhibitor another idea just a couple of days ago: Practice setting up your display in your own facility before you get to the hectic show floor. If you have issues then, you can ask your more mechanically minded friends for help while you have the luxury of time.

  3. On point!!! Item two is paramount. Situation awareness is huge! Don’t stop in the middle of the aisle to answer that text.

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