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Tips for Newly Remote Workers with Kids


As many businesses are forced to close their doors temporarily, they are keeping their employees hard at work from home. Many employees are now faced with their same daily expectations from a completely new setting.

Not only does this stir things up for you because you’re not used to working in such a relaxed environment, but you also may have children who are home during the day. Whether your kids are teens who are used to being home alone, or younger children whose daycare or school has been closed, having kids in the house while working becomes a whole new obstacle.

If this is you, or if someone you know is new to the work from home life with the kids, keep reading for yourself or share these useful tips with them!

Tips to keep your kids busy while working from homeIn this new and unfamiliar work setting, you may be feeling like you’re starting to get into the groove of working from home. Maybe you’ve created a perfect little workspace that’s clean and inspiring. Maybe you’ve figured out the best way to go about your daily phone meetings and meet your deadlines. These are great things to nail down!
However, if you feel like you’re still struggling with staying on task throughout the day because of your kids being home with you, here are some ideas to keep them occupied!

Delegate choresYou might feel the need to do loads of laundry in between phone meetings or clean the kitchen because the dirty dishes from the night before haven’t been put away. Maybe you feel guilty that these things aren’t getting done since you’re just a few rooms away. If household chores are distractions that are preventing you from focusing on your work, try delegating these chores to your older children – and potentially rewarding them for doing so.

Get crafty!If you’re distancing yourselves from older relatives during this time, grandparents always love seeing that you’re thinking of them. Ask the kids to make them something to send each week. For example, they could write letters to them, draw or color them a picture, or do an art project to mail them.

Put a sign on your doorThe night before, take a couple of minutes to write a list of answers to your kids’ frequently asked questions that they come to you with during your workday. You could write what’s for dinner that night if that’s always something they’re usually wondering or what chores or activities they could do if they come to you saying they’re bored.

Create a schedule that carves out time to spend with themRather than spending the entire day at your desk, or taking a couple of minutes here and there to interact with your kids, try delegating a certain time of day to come out and spend time with them. We all know children thrive on routine, so whether this is over lunch or a separate designated playtime with your younger children, it gives them something to look forward to each day – a time you can give them your full attention.

Make sure they’re staying up to date on their assignmentsIf your kids’ schooling has been pushed home as well, make sure they’re aware that they need to finish any assignments before they can access the tv, games, etc. Have a designated quiet time for them to be in their rooms working or studying, or reading if they don’t have any school work to do.

Create big projects for them that they actually enjoyFinding big projects that are time-consuming will keep your kids occupied and quiet during the day. This will depend on your children’s age, but you could buy them a giant puzzle or give them a DIY project that takes some time to finish.

Make sure they’re still getting outsideVitamin D is important as ever right now to keep your kids healthy and happy. Find ways for them to spend time outside safely, whether it’s shooting hoops in the driveway or playing games in the backyard.

Invest in some fun appsYou might feel reluctant to allow your kids to have hours of screen time during the day, but circumstances are a little different these days. It’s understandable that if they’re not able to go see their friends and do the things they normally do, that time-consuming apps could be good ways to prevent them from getting bored. There are plenty of educational apps out there as well – just because it’s on a screen doesn’t mean they can’t be learning too!

See if your kids have an interest in audio booksIf your kids love reading, they might love audio books. Audible is a great place to find books for all ages and offers great deals. Even if your kids can’t read yet, they can start appreciating the art of storytelling and gain an interest in reading.

Find great podcasts for your kidsIf you don’t want to invest in audio books, podcasts are another great option. There are plenty of kid-friendly podcasts that can entertain your kiddos for hours! Here are 25 of the best kid podcasts to get you started.

Hopefully implementing some of these tips makes your workdays a little less hectic, a little more peaceful, and a lot more productive!


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