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Tips for Attracting Talented & Motivated Employees to Your Company


Globally, 69 percent of companies have reported staffing shortages in the last year. Is your company having a hard time bringing on new and skilled employees?

In the past, it hasn’t been difficult to attract highly motivated, performance-driven professionals to the exhibition industry. In these rapidly changing times, though, you may need to rethink your hiring strategy to recruit the very best people to your team. Listed below are 8 great tips that can simplify your hiring process and help you find the right person for each open position.

1. Identify Skills Gaps

A good starting point when you’re looking for new talent for your exhibition team is to identify skills gaps. Then, you can figure out what your top hiring priorities need to be. Are you lacking in the sales department? Is your design team struggling to keep up with creating graphics and images for your company’s displays? Right now, many companies are struggling to fill positions. Taking some time to refine which openings matter most will simplify the process and help you to avoid frustration.

2. Consider Your Ideal Employee

What does the ideal candidate for your company look like? What kind of experience do they have? How much time have they spent in the marketing or exhibiting world? What kinds of professional skills do they have? The more you know about your ideal employee, the easier it is for you to find someone who works well with your existing team and produces the kinds of results your company is hoping to achieve.

3. Rewrite Your Job Listings

When was the last time you refreshed your company’s job listings? Have you been posting the same old job descriptions for months or even years? If you haven’t rewritten the descriptions lately, it might be time to revamp them and make them a little more exciting. Consider rewording your descriptions to make the open positions sound more interesting and appealing. This might be exactly what your company needs to attract fresh new talent.

4. Ask for Internal Recommendations

Sometimes, the best place to start when looking for new talent is your existing team. Do they know of anyone who is looking for a job in the exhibiting world? Do they have experienced friends or colleagues who might be good fits? Asking for internal recommendations can simplify the recruiting process and save you a lot of time. Your current employees also already know what you’re looking for in a new team member. You can often trust their referrals more than random applications that come in from off the streets.

5. Consider Your Brand Image

If you’re having a hard time attracting new employees, this might be a sign that you need to revamp or refine your brand image. Think about how you and your marketing team can put out a fun, exciting brand message and make your company seem appealing. Otherwise, the people who would be great fits might be looking past you and checking out your competitors instead.

6. Clarify Company Culture

Company culture plays an important role in 46 percent of job seekers’ decisions. Furthermore, 88 percent of job seekers say that a healthy work culture is essential to their success. When you’re promoting your company and advertising open positions, make sure you’re highlighting the things that make your company culture different from others. This could be the deciding factor for highly sought-after employees.

7. Revisit Employee Benefits/Perks

While you’re addressing your job description or listing, make sure you’re highlighting employee benefits and perks, too. What do you offer your team members that other employers don’t? What kinds of offerings and incentives do you have that can attract your target employee and get them interested in choosing you over another company? Keep in mind, too, that benefits and perks don’t always have to be expensive for you. You can also offer things like flex time, which 76 percent of workers say is the thing that would convince them to stay with their current employer instead of looking for a new job.

8. Build Local Relationships

Another way to make life easier for your human resources department is to build relationships with local higher learning institutions (colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.). Attending job fairs or recruitment events at these locations allows you to get in touch with recent graduates. Then, you can sell them on your company and fill personnel gaps faster.

Recruit Great Talent Today

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone who can help you get organized for tradeshows or someone who can attend the events on your behalf and represent your company well. These tips are useful and actionable.

Keep these recommendations in mind as you start making recruitment plans for the new year and you’ll have no trouble hiring talented and motivated new employees.