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Tie One On

Tie One OnI can recall hearing this phrase just before the party started.

It can take on a whole new meaning in the Web 2.0 space.

Using marketing thread to “Tie One On” today means to establish the value of your information and gain the permission (tie) of an individual (one) to enter into a discussion or dialogue that is ongoing (on).

Thus, “Tie One On” – you get a very focused marketing strategy based on Permission Marketing and Long Tail theory.

The shotgun marketing approach of old was based primarily on volume and interruption.  The more people you exposed your message to, the better chance you had to Tell & Sell.  Using Permission Marketing to tie into the Long Tail of your market, will help you create stronger connections with a broader fan base. 

Thanks to the internet, today’s marketplace is way smarter. The end user has access to much of the same information as the manufacturers/providers do. The “Great Oz” has been revealed, making true innovation and real quality matter more that ever before.  These words can no longer be used freely in marketing copy without really meaning something. 

How does this relate to the trade show floor?

On the thread we string between our company/brand and each of our prospects/customers, we will want to tie many knots.  These knots will represent contacts, discussions and/or touch-points that “tie” us together.  The more knots, the larger the knots, the stronger and more memorable our thread will be.

Remember the climbing rope in gym class?  How much easier would it have been to climb it there were knots every foot of so? 

Prior to our live events and trade shows, we need to be connecting threads and starting to tie knots.  One pre-show post card might not even have the chance to create a very small knot.  Multiple touch-point campaigns using a variety of media (social and traditional) will give you a much better chance to get face-to-face with them at the show.  The face-to-face knots have the chance to be really big knots.  These big knots represent significant touch-points and create stronger branding tie-ins.

So, let’s get this party started.  Make your guest list and start printing the invitations. 

Chips and salsa anyone?

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About the Author

Mike Mraz, Senior Exhibit Strategist for Skyline Exhibits, brings his 30+ years of sales and marketing experience to his clients and the speaker’s platform. Mike is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of face-2-face marketing in all capacities. Over the past 15 years Mike has presented Trade Show seminars to over 80,000 marketers across North America. He is on the teaching faculty of both The Exhibitor Show and TS2, and is a member of the EDPA, IAEE, and CEIR. Mike also produces Today’s Trade Show Minute, a bi-monthly trade show and event marketing video e-tip.

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