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Tech Talk: Say it Bolder and Brighter with Trade Show Technology

With only a limited time to draw attention to your trade show display, say it bolder and brighter with the use of trade show technology!

Today’s exhibitors are continually looking for ways to enhance the visitor experience to their trade show booth. The easiest and most cost effective way is by introducing the use of technology in line with your show objectives. And, with today’s large array of mainstream devices, even a 10’ x 10’ exhibit can tap into resources previously available only to the larger exhibitor. Computer monitors, tablets and flat screen monitors are the most popular methods of engagement. Use monitors to play videos or slideshows that give an overview of who you are or what you offer. Touchscreen monitors can be a great way to integrate interactivity in your booth by using it for galleries, designing, or an interactive questionnaire that can help you pinpoint how to meet your potential client’s needs. Implementing monitors and touchscreens is an easy, affordable way to incorporate motion to attract attention to your exhibit and enhance your presence on the show floor.

Video walls, interactive screens, projection mapping, 3D holograms and translucent screens are making great contributions to the WOW factor of island exhibit spaces. Interactive screens are able to blend your product or services with an in-show promotion to fully engage the attendees. Even promotional items are able to engage prospects with live-time product or service specific information.

Next, step into the light with the newest in exhibit lighting trends. Backlighting graphics can take a simple 10’ or 20’ inline exhibit and really make it stand out from the crowd. In larger island exhibits, the use of illuminated overhead hanging signs or 16’ high towers can extend your visibility by attracting attention from several aisles away. Programmable LED lighting on graphic elements, counters and shelves take your exhibit from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Backlit Graphic Walls and Programmable LED Counter

 Programmable LED Lit Shelves

Illuminated Overhead Hanging Signs

LED Accent Lighting

 LED Counter w/iPad

Mix in the use of apps, social media and mobile lead taking to maximize booth efficiency. Allow your attendees to interact with you by talking about you on social media and develop a social media strategy! Specify hashtags of your company name or theme so that you can easily find who’s talking about you. To engage in better lead management, use an iPad or your phone to scan leads and take notes directly. You can even send pdfs of brochures and information directly to the client after you’ve just conversed. The point is, there is so much available to increase and enhance the activity and experience within your exhibit booth. Just starting out with one or two new items can really make a difference.

Technology can greatly improve the performance of your exhibit and ROI, as well as develop and produce the targeted content. So, what are you waiting for?

Technology greatly enhances your trade show program, so learn the tools and insight necessary to do it right. Request your free copy of Tech for Trade Show Exhibitors and learn how you can integrate technology in many different ways. Click here for your free copy.


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Linda-Marie Martinez was an Exhibiting Consultant from Skyline Orange County.

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