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Take The Fear Out Of Trying A New Trade Show Exhibit Design

tradeshow rentalIf your marketing department has designed a fresh approach to marketing your company at industry expos and conventions, you may have reservations.

Despite endless test markets, surveys and marketing reports, some new campaigns fall flat and lead to a significant monetary loss when companies invest a large chunk of their marketing budget in a new exhibit design.  But fear of committing to a complete overhaul of your booth elements can be even more devastating.  If you hesitate to implement new ideas, your bannerstands and pop-up displays will soon look tired and out-of-date.  The solution? A trade show exhibit rental that gives you the opportunity to test drive the latest innovations in exhibiting without committing your marketing dollars to a display you’ll have to use for years to come.

Pushing The Envelope With A Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Is your latest advertising or marketing campaign a bit “out there?” In some industries, pushing the envelope is the norm and visitors at conferences and conventions expect a bit of shock factor. If you’re in a more traditional industry, however, pushing the boundaries of tradition or turning the expectations of consumers upside down could backfire. If a new concept has you and others thinking, “That’s brilliant, but… ,” a rental is a great way to do a test market, preferably in one of the smaller venues so that you can get feedback without too much commitment of resources. If your trade show exhibit rental falls flat, you’ll be able to go back to the drawing board without being stuck with booth elements you can’t use.

Rebranding: Defy Expectations

If your company is rebranding itself in order to attract a different demographic, a test drive of a few different ideas before taking the plunge with a new logo or brand identity makes perfect sense.  Consider narrowing down your designs to two different versions, then use trade show exhibit rentals to try them out.  Be sure you ask for feedback from visitors using a simple survey form or interactive feature on the venue’s website or your company home page so that you can determine which version is preferred by your target demographic.  Investing in a completely new set of banner stands, table-top displays and other elements is easy when you’ve already used them in a trade show exhibit rental that “wowed” the crowds.  In many instances, rebranding is successful because it goes against expectations, drawing in a new segment of the market.

Try Out The Latest Technologies

No matter what industry you’re in, your company wants to look progressive and innovative.  One of the simplest ways to do this is with the latest technological advances in display elements.  Technologies like 3-D effects, electronic posters and interactive displays using tablets, smart phones, touch controls or gesture recognition can draw crowds.  But which technology will most effectively convey your message?  The best way to find out is by trying several different options over the course of a few months using a different trade show exhibit rental at each venue, then comparing your results.

By using a trade show exhibit rental to test drive new technologies, company branding and marketing concepts, you can be sure your company is keeping ahead of the curve without having to make a commitment until you’re certain of its success.

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Ken "Bucky" Buckman was the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec.

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  1. Skyline’s rental services are a great way to get creative and really push the envelope. With all of the trade show display elements that can be used together the options are endless. Add some technology and you can “wow” your visitors.

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