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Tabletop Displays: Everything You Didn’t Know About This Small But Powerful Resource

tabletopAre you a business owner looking to get into the trade show arena, but feel like you just don’t have the budget to purchase the right type of exhibit for your needs? Tabletop displays are a proven resource for businesses of every size and scope looking to command attention on the showroom floor and edge out the competition at any given event.

How Will Tabletop Displays Benefit Your Business?

If you’re not sure how tabletop displays will give your business an advantage over the competition, knowing some of the many benefits offered by this type of event exhibit will give you the insight you will need to make an informed purchasing decision. Tabletop displays offer:

Optimal Customization

Many business owners assume that smaller exhibits won’t offer enough customization options. Not true! These modern exhibits come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and designs so you can pick the right model to suit your specific needs and tastes. Additionally, this type of exhibit offers an extensive range of customization features. You will have the ability to include all of your most relevant graphics and brand-identifying elements, so the crowd knows exactly who you are, in just a single look.

Extreme Versatility

Sometimes bigger exhibits face various restrictions due to their sheer size. A full-sized exhibit may not actually work in some venues where space is not abundant. These multi-functional, smaller booths offer extreme versatility so business owners can utilize them anywhere an exhibit makes marketing sense.

Transport Ease

Yes, a larger booth will give you more visual canvas; however, the extra material and size of these stands can translate into inconvenience for your staff. Shipping from your organization to the expo can require man hours that your team simply doesn’t have. Tabletop displays offer a lightweight, carry-on option so your employees can pick it up and transport it anywhere.

Streamlined Setup/Breakdown

Beyond transport ease, these smaller stands also deliver a streamlined and stress-free setup and breakdown experience. Your team will easily put together your display and quickly dismantle after the show.

Accessory Options

Still not convinced that tabletop displays will pack enough promotional punch? Not a problem. These lightweight marketing options prove easy to accessorize. When consulting with your design team, discuss options for tables, chairs, e-tablets, touchscreens, and customized banner stands to enhance your overall show presence and increase the visual impact.

Budget-Friendly Purchase

Perhaps the biggest incentive for considering tabletop exhibits are the sheer bottom-line numbers. While this exhibit model easily goes head to head with larger stands and booths, tabletop displays offer impressive price accessibility. No matter what your budgetary restraints, you should be able to find an option that won’t stretch your finances too thin.

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