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Strategizing for Success With Your Trade Show Booths

In order to achieve sustainable, long-term results in trade show and event marketing, businesses owners of companies of every size and scope must plan a way to make their vision a reality and their objectives a priority.

Key Ways To Maximize Results With Trade Show Booths

If you’re looking to outshine the competitive masses throughout the event year, it’s time to begin hashing out your live marketing agenda. When creating your final plan, always consider the following tips for the ultimate audience impact and overall return on investment.Put plan into action

Make sure history is worth repeating: Oftentimes business owners continue to participate in trade show events by rote; they forget to analyze all the data they’ve collected in previous years to determine if a specific event is even worth their time. Sound familiar? Fortunately, history does not have to repeat itself. Taking the time to go through your past functions can help you understand exactly where you’ve been and how to get to where you need to go at upcoming shows and events.

Understand your targeted demographic: Think you know everything there is to know about your consumer niche? If you do, you may be allowing complacency to stand in the way of maximum results throughout the trade show season. Truly great marketers understand that the only way to best resonate with their targeted demographic is to get to know them (again and again and again) every year to ensure that their marketing plans best resonate with their ever-evolving audience.

Create a “sky’s-the-limit” marketing plan: Armed with past successes and current demographic needs, it’s time to create your comprehensive marketing plan. Include a list of what your company’s specific goals are as well as details on how you’ll achieve every objective. For brainstorming purposes, include any and all ideas, no matter how elaborate they may seem, to ensure every goal is considered.

Now ground your plan in reality: Now that you’ve created a “go-for-broke” marketing plan, it’s time to scale it back a bit (so you don’t actually go broke). Systematically go through every elaborate detail to realistically refine and improve your list. Prioritize your objectives and your plan for achieving them to ensure that all the most important goals receive steady attention throughout the year.

Embrace substance over hype: Once you’re ready to begin implementing your plan of attack at marketing events and trade shows, it’s important to keep a focused, professional eye on walking that ever-fine line between hype and genuine corporate substance. Remember, while it’s important to create buzz wherever you’ll be, audience members will quickly be put off if your delivery proves too gimmicky and forced.

Sustainability in your trade show marketing can be achieved when you continually look at and make necessary changes or improvements to your marketing plan. Don’t let the monotony of shows get the best of you or let your plan become to dry. Trade shows are a phenomenal marketing opportunity, so make the best of every single one.


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Ken "Bucky" Buckman was the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec.

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