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Skyline Exhibits Trade Show ROI Calculator

In today’s era of big data, economic uncertainty, and hyper measurement, it is expected that you will be able to provide information regarding all your marketing investments.  This does not exclude your event or trade show program.   We’ve kept that in mind as we have created simpler, more flexible measurement tools you can use today to help you measure your results whether this is your first trade show or you manage several shows.

The purpose of the downloadable Trade Show ROI Calculator is to help you:

  • Track costs
  • Identify leads and sales opportunities
  • Calculate ratio of sales and benefits over cost

You can use this tool to help you measure the return on investment for industry trade shows.


We also have a new Trade Show Comparison Tool

This downloadable spreadsheet will help you estimate the return on investment your company got from exhibiting at a trade show.

Features include:

  • Tracking actual costs, number of leads acquired and important dates for up to 5 trade shows
  • Calculate and view an overview of your trade show metrics
  • Access charts to visually communicate your results to management

You can use these tools to help you track costs and measure the return on investment for industry trade shows or private events.


Both of these new tools are available as a downloadable spreadsheet and can be customized to your own needs.   Check out these tools and let us know what you like and if there is anything we missed.  We love to hear from our readers.

ROI Calculator & Trade Show Comparison Tool

Do you need help justifying your company’s trade show investments? Then these are the tools for you. Our free Trade Show ROI Calculator and Comparison Tool can help track costs, identify new sales opportunities, and more! Two Excel spreadsheets.


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