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Routine Maintenance is Not Just for Your Car

A routine maintenance schedule is critical to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. The same principle applies to your trade show booth. How many miles does your exhibit travel in a year? Think about the wear and tear with each install, dismantle, packing and re-packing, and shipping.

After all, your exhibit is the “vehicle” that supports your company’s brand and message so it needs just as much care and attention as your own car does.

Along with all your show planning, start now by instituting a healthy maintenance schedule for your trade show exhibit. Depending on the number of shows that the exhibit travels to, you may want to schedule an inventory and evaluation plan every 6 months.

Screwdriver and spanner.

Below is a breakdown of each category of your exhibit that you should inspect:

Oil Change : Exhibit Refurb
Just like an oil change is good for your car, replace the old with the new with an exhibit refurbishment – including inspection, cleaning, replacing light bulbs, replacing magnets on your graphics, looking for any missing or broken pieces, and any other parts that may need attention. Review all connectors and hinges to make sure everything is intact and properly fitted.

Tire Rotation and Repair : Case and Crate Review
Think about the mileage and wear and tear your tires take on the road. Your exhibit cases are just like your tires—they move your exhibit from place to place. Get your cases evaluated and give them the attention they need. Your crates and cases are designed to protect your investment, but they can’t do that if they are damaged themselves. Surely, you don’t want to deal with a blow-out on the side of the highway with your pieces scattered everywhere, or pieces missing. Replacement cases are inevitable, so plan on having money set aside for a preventative measure such as this.

Engine Flush/New Wiper Blades : New Graphics or Accessories
What elements in or on your display might need an update or change? Why not try to incorporate new graphics to represent your new corporate image or add new flooring to change things up. Simple changes or enhancements can really make a difference and allow attendees to see your branding clearly and help you to stand out.

Upgrade or Trade-in : Time for a New Exhibit
If your company has been using the same exhibit for 12 years and it is becoming more expensive for repairs, shipping and enhancements, or it no longer compliments your brand, perhaps it’s time to consider a new model. With today’s constantly evolving technology, more cost-effective, lightweight and durable materials are making it easier for upgrades and additions.

You’ve spent a great deal of money on your exhibit, so make sure every piece is working and represents your company the way you want it to. Make plans now to incorporate your service schedule, and keep on driving forward.


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