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Reimagine Your Booth with Simple Add-Ons

Are you looking for simple ways to refresh your exhibit?

Whether it’s digital features or design elements, there are various ways to refresh your exhibit, improve your attendee experience, or change up your exhibit from show-to-show. Below are easy ways to rejuvenate your exhibit and make an impact on the show floor without a complete redesign. 

Design Add-Ons 

Reinvent the Layout 
Custom modular exhibit solutions have the flexibility to rearrange the layout of your exhibit. If you notice an area in your exhibit where the traffic flow lags, or you want to update your attendee journey to better fit your messaging or product displays, consider changing the layout. Customizing the layout of your exhibit avoids a static look and can be tailored to optimize your exhibit from show-to-show. 

Update Graphics  
Refreshing your graphics is a great way to update the visual impact of your exhibit. Perhaps your brand messaging has changed, or you’re launching a new product you want to showcase. High-impact fabric graphics are lightweight, pack easily, and can be updated day-to-day while at your show to capture your audience’s attention. 

Include New Furniture and Hospitality Features 
Furniture and hospitality features can completely change the feel and dynamic of your exhibit. For example, switching from high-top tables to soft furniture and catering options, such as a coffee bar, creates a more relaxing environment and promotes longer, more in-depth conversations. Consider how you want attendees to interact within your exhibit and what elements will make them feel most welcome and increase dwell time. 

Add Structural Elements 
If you have a larger budget for refreshing your exhibit, consider adding unique structural elements: 

  • Flooring – redesign your exhibit flooring to define specific areas within your exhibit. Include branding, product display and demo indicators to direct traffic flow. You can use custom carpet and vinyl inlays, including faux wood designs. 
  • Product Demo Station – adding a product demo station is a great way to ease into a new exhibit design over time. Test it to see how your audience responds and what works best for future exhibit designs. 
  • Lighting – including LED tiles or lighting around a 3-D logo, or show-lighting to highlight a product, will bring attention to important areas of your exhibit. 
  • Product Showcase and Giveaways – incorporate shelving for a giveaway or raffle and change it from show-to-show. 

Digital Add-Ons 

Registration and Lead Retrieval Systems
Collecting accurate data to follow up with qualified leads and continue the conversation after your event is essential. Remember, data is king and your attendees’ contact information is a great way to generate a revenue pipeline and justify the cost of attending a trade show.  

Attendee Tracking 
This solution is becoming more accessible through various platforms and is a budget-friendly option. Install cameras and other tracking devices in your exhibit to see how attendees move throughout your space. This tool provides insight to help you make changes to layout and structure and improve your attendee journey and optimize their experience.  

There are many ways to create an engaging and fun experience for your audience. Many providers offer off-the-shelf gamification solutions that won’t break the bank and will add that surprise-and-delight moment for your attendees. Even something simple such as a digital passport to encourage attendees to experience different areas of your booth and compete for a prize will increase engagement and connection. 

Digital Activations 
Create an exhibit experience where content can be easily consumed. Your brand assets including media, videos, downloadable PDFs, infographics, white papers, and more, can be repurposed for consumption at a trade show. Displayed on digital devices, such as tablets, your attendees can interact with them at their own pace, download, and email themselves for post-event information. It’s an easy way to give your attendee a post-event way to consume your content and keep it for future reference.  

Interactive Touchscreens 
Depending on your budget, consider a touchscreen with customized content that your attendees can interact with and experience firsthand. For a lower cost option, you can repurpose existing content and display it on LED screens throughout your exhibit. Media and videos are powerful tools for brand storytelling. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase your brand impact at trade shows and capture your audience's attention, our team is here to help you reach your goals. Reach out to us today to begin the conversation!