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Redesign Your Trade Show Exhibit Without Breaking the Bank

How can you enhance the look of your exhibit at your next show, without breaking the bank? Like any outfit you’ve had for a while, adding accessories can give you a whole new look.

Some of the greatest exhibit designs today use simple accessories to create a new look at their shows, or add a little “punch” to their exhibit. Just like that scarf that adds the right color to an outfit, accessories can add the graphic or addition to your booth you need.


LOOK UP: With the addition of finials or design elements and blocks of color to your exhibit, you can really highlight your corporate colors and create a nice, finished look. Try adding additional lighting to an area within the exhibit to enhance a graphic or a particular area of the booth. You could also use colorwash LED lights to change colors and add some interest to your exhibit.

LOOK DOWN: Just like the right shoes can complete an outfit, exhibitors are now considering the floor as an integral part of their booth design. Flooring can really enhance the overall design by adding richness, tying together your branding, or enhancing the overall environment. To give a more high-class feel to your booth, consider using deep and rich colors for your flooring. This can easily be done with flex-flooring solutions as a cost-effective addition. If you want to maintain an industrial image, use something like brushed metal flooring. No matter what look you’re going for, choose something that is unique and customizable to your message and brand.

TRY SOMETHING NEW: Layers are a very simple way to attract the eye and give a very full, textured, and interesting look. Anything three-dimensional catches the eye. There are many ways to incorporate layering. For example, try cable-mounted graphics over the top of your fabric graphics or shapes to enhance a new product, service, or specialty item. Another easy way to add layers is to create visual interest by layering sheer panels on top of opaque.

All of these ideas are simple, cost-effective ways to add unique customization and style to your exhibit. But no matter how much you accessorize your booth, remember that the best accessories you can have are your booth staffers. They are what attendees will notice most and will have the most impact on your trade show.


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About the Author

With 19 years with Skyline Event Services in Ohio and a background in Public Relations, Jennifer has the knowledge, insight and experience to help her clients develop key marketing strategies that go beyond the trade show arena. Jennifer attributes her longevity with Skyline to be based on the dedication and consistent research, development, and innovation of new products that contribute to her clients' successes at shows and events.

2 responses to “Redesign Your Trade Show Exhibit Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Employ color shape or movement to accessorize your space. Because, “Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.” Complementary colors, helps to balance the eye. However if you want to convey a message of subliminal concentrated focus use high contrast colors.

    Apart from color, shape and motion engage the perception of the 5 senses to make your exhibit memorable. Set a spark to your ideas:

    Trade shows are venues where minds meet. Don’t just exchange facts. Design your space that transforms, reshapes and engages in new trains of thought.

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