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Protecting Your Trade Show Technology

Using technology in your exhibit can be a great way to increase traffic in your booth space.

It can also help you get more detailed information from your leads as they have the opportunity to interact with your software, products, and services.


According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, an educational consultant who specializes in visual literacy; people retain 10-20% of written and spoken information, whereas 65% retain visual info.  The more information they have available to them to see, feel and touch, the better they will remember your product or service.

So now that you know what a great idea it is to incorporate technology into your exhibit, you need to know how to protect those investments.


#1) Transporting equipment to the show 

Many exhibitors make the mistake of using the packing box in which the computer equipment is purchased in. The problem with that is it is a NEON SIGN that says “I’m VALUABLE – TAKE ME”!

Secondly, these aren’t always the best way to protect these items.  If they do bump around in a crate with other exhibit items, they could easily be damaged.


Also, never label a box “fragile”  For some reason, these are not taken seriously and often the ones that are thrown around on a truck.

One of the best investments is to purchase a custom molded AV crate that is built with molded foam designed specifically with the MODEL# and accessory items of your particular product.  The crate is on wheels and is a very durable way to transport these electronics.

The packing foam is constructed with separate sections to allow for all the additional components of the monitor which include adapters, stands, and other accessories. This keeps everything protected and makes it easier for repacking and unpacking the items.


#2) Security Reminders – After show hours

Some companies hire security if they have valuable products or a number of electrical equipment that warrants the need to hire security.  This is typically an option at many shows. You can check with your specific show organizer about hired security.
There is a more economical option besides hiring your own security, you can remove the items and lock them up at night, or take them with you to your hotel room.  Never leave these items in plain sight, you don’t know who is eyeing your tech.


#3) Insure all of your exhibit elements

Most importantly – be sure you have insurance on all your items.  This includes all of your trade show elements. You never know what can happen on the trade show floor, be prepared. Having a resource, or an on-demand expert that’s included with the rental cost of your technology, will take you much further with your technology than not.

Now that you know technology is important to have in your booth, don’t forget about the content you show on that tech!

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With 19 years with Skyline Event Services in Ohio and a background in Public Relations, Jennifer has the knowledge, insight and experience to help her clients develop key marketing strategies that go beyond the trade show arena. Jennifer attributes her longevity with Skyline to be based on the dedication and consistent research, development, and innovation of new products that contribute to her clients' successes at shows and events.

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