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New Translation Tool Opening Doors for Hybrid and Virtual Trade Shows


Virtual events helped the trade show world maintain a sliver of their presence during the Covid-19 pandemic. We later saw virtual-only events turn into hybrid events. The introduction of these alternative exhibiting options has opened up new roads for the future.

Through virtual exhibiting, small businesses have been able to reach consumers across the country and even across the world that they may have never had the chance to at a normal, in-person trade show. While the event world is eager to get back to live, face-to-face business opportunities, there is no question that the new doors that have been opened by hybrid events will likely stay open.

A new tool is prepared to help trade show communication with a real-time translator.One tool that has been integrated into cross-language meetings (with huge potential for the trade show world) is Wordly’s Language on Demand, a tool that helps non-native English speakers engage with content being presented in real-time. This translation tool also helps the hearing impaired. These audience types can now understand and participate in things like video conference calls, live webinars, in-person meetings, phone calls, etc through audio or on-screen text.

One aspect of hybrid events that has been beneficial is the ability for them to be experienced from all over the world. However, event hosts will often select the most common language of the event audience to be used, which obviously doesn’t take all languages in attendance into account. This can lead to misunderstandings and can be a frustration for those who have to rely on a translator, which may potentially lead to lost business opportunities.

It’s also likely that many potential buyers don’t attend conferences and events that aren’t offered in their primary language altogether. This is because they feel it won’t be worthwhile if they’re not able to fully grasp the concept, due to language barriers. Who wants to sit through an entire conference if you feel like they are speaking – well – another language?!

While human translators have been an option in the past, the Language on Demand tool allows for a faster and more enjoyable experience. Once a trade show host has set up an account with Worldly, the audio simply needs to be sent through a Wordly-enabled phone or computer for participants to see and hear translations on their own device. This is free to the event attendee!

Opportunities for growth are expanding with new audience potential.With Wordly’s 16 plus language options currently available, the opportunity for growth is something that all industries could benefit from. Reaching not only one, but numerous new audiences brings the potential for a new level of growth. With a larger audience of buyers who will be able to fully engage in conferences, presentations, meetings, etc., new opportunities will definitely be at the fingertips of these businesses.

A Wordly session can even support multiple speakers speaking in different languages, all in one session. This improvement in cross-culture communication has the potential to bring together rooms of people who otherwise would have had a difficult time sharing ideas. Everyone involved will be able to fully participate by listening and then speaking in their most fluent language, while still being completely understood.

For those who intend on taking advantage of the future innovations of hybrid event options, this may be one key innovation that’s worth investing in. This tool offers the unique ability for instantaneous conversations that would normally not be possible.

New users can try it out with a live demonstration to find out if it’s right for them, and to consider if this new opportunity for future hybrid events will set them up for even more success.

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