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New Technologies Making Trade Show Attendees Feel Safe in 2021


There are plenty of ways for large events to implement stricter health-safety measures. However, many of these implementations are not exactly ‘new’ or innovative. For example, we’ve seen copious amounts of hand sanitizer stations placed throughout event halls, max gathering sizes reduced, and more frequent cleaning and disinfecting taking place.

However, there are new technologies that are going above and beyond the average safety measures we’ve seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.It’s unknown how long these extra steps toward safety will be needed as we make the climb to return to live face-to-face events, but for the time being, many new technologies are on the rise. Here are just a few that are making the event world a little more comfortable for attendees:

‘Temperature Check’ for non-intrusive temperature scanning.This isn’t your typical forehead thermometer. Temperature Check creates a first line of prevention for any event, store, restaurant, or workplace with a hands-free thermal temperature scanner. Guests simply walk up to the machine and their temperature is read in 2 seconds with infrared technology.

This new technology created by Pike Productions offers multiple options including a wrist temp floor stand, a contactless floor stand, a desktop stand, and a wall mount bracket.

The idea with this form of temperature checking versus each person being greeted with someone awkwardly holding a thermometer to their forehead is that it is much less intrusive. It’s a high priority to make events a good experience. So rather than starting off each attendees’ first impression with a staff member coming into their personal space, the innovative Temperature Check technology will make guests’ first encounter a little less ‘in-your-face.’

This quick, easy, and effective solution helps guests feel safe upon entering any establishment and was created in hopes to shift the event industry back to in-person gatherings quicker.

‘GoGuide’ for smoother check-ins.While checking in can become an overwhelming to-do-list of things before one can enter an event, GoGuide makes it easier. With taking temperatures, signing waivers, and gathering other information, check-in lines can get backed up, and obviously, this isn’t ideal with COVID-19 ringing in the back of people’s minds.

This new technology facilitates virtual queuing, social distancing, and contact tracing. Using Bluetooth tech and RFID tags, it can send guests designated arrival times, entry locations to prevent crowds, and reminders for correct mask-wearing.

When technology is able to make life a little less hectic and a lot safer, it’s likely that many trade shows will be on board with implementing GoGuide and similar innovations.

‘42Chat’ for addressing FAQs.Requiring fewer staff members to be on-site at trade shows and other large events may be an effective option to help maximize space. 42Chat created a chatbot that can serve attendees with their frequently asked questions. Rather than relying on finding someone on-site to answer their questions, this AI chat can help attendees relay information over text at any time.

Nicely enough, participants won’t even have to download an app, which can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing to navigate. All an attendee will need is a phone with texting capabilities to get their frequently asked questions answered.

When a trade show guest has a question like ‘Where do I park?’ ‘What’s the Wi-Fi password?’ ‘What’s the event meal schedule?’ ‘Where will this session be located?’ or ‘Who is the keynote speaker?’ they’ll be able to get answers quickly and efficiently – requiring fewer onsite staff to answer questions like these (most of which are likely already posted on the event website and emailed to attendees prior to the event as well.)

‘Safety Pois’ to easily communicate distancing.A new touchless form of communication has been launched in response to COVID-19, and it’s called Safety Pois. Event halls have learned that simple visual displays can be extremely effective in increasing on-site safety.

Safety Pois’ behavioral stickers offer visual signage to help control foot traffic based on the principle of stoplights. Green stickers indicate walking areas for free-flowing transit areas, also signifying that stopping should be avoided. Yellow floor stickers let people know they may pause briefly to observe something, speak, or view products. Red stickers mark areas where stopping is common for being served or attended to.

This technology aims to direct attendees in an effortless and easy-to-understand way while helping them maintain six-foot distancing.

These are just a few of the innovations on the rise to be prepared for as trade shows return. While events may look a little different, guests will have peace of mind with all of the safety precautions coming into focus for the future of exhibiting and face-to-face interactions.


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