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The inline booth is the workhorse of the show. Get the most from it.


The Versatile Inline Exhibit

As an exhibitor in an inline exhibit space, you have a lot of company. Almost all exhibitors exhibit in 10 or 20 foot inline spaces. For many exhibitors, a 10 x 10 backwall is the only space they take, and they want to get as much out of this square box as they can. Some exhibitors use 10 x 20 spaces when they want to stand out at their largest shows.

And for the largest companies in our economy, the inline booth space is what they use at their smaller shows, where they exhibit in regional shows or key vertical market shows.

But just because you exhibit in an inline exhibit doesn’t mean you can’t stand out, and it also doesn’t mean that you get a free pass, either. You have to do your part to succeed, and if you do, success is within your grasp.

Getting Big Results From Small Booths

This book provides includes articles to give you, the small booth exhibitors, the necessary knowledge and skills to execute key trade show functions, such as exhibit design, booth staffing, trade show promotions, lead management, and measurement.

This book contains 24 articles previously published in the Skyline Trade Show Tips blog, plus one worksheet from Marc Goldberg of Marketech. It’s one of three books in a series for exhibitors at different levels of trade show marketing skills. The three books are:

Trade Show Tips for New Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Inline Exhibitors

Trade Show Tips for Island Exhibitors

Thanks to Dave Lutz of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting for the idea to create these three books, so that these major groups of exhibitors can have a strong collection of trade show training tailored to their needs.

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