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Natural Products Expo West 2011 – Show Report

I am finally situated after 2 months of travel. Out of all the cities, my first review is of the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA. This trip will definitely be a historical milestone in my memory as the night before show opening, the Japan tsunami occurred. It was a pretty surreal evening for everyone around me when news broke.

The weather was awesome in Orange County. It was just around 80 degrees the entire time I was there. Nothing better than awesome California weather in March! I know the visitors across the street at Disneyland could not have been any happier. Food shows are certainly my favorite show to attend; so much for me to do, oops, I mean eat! The exhibits are colorful and lively, and the energy at food shows is so different compared to any other. Food is truly the universal language!

Natural products are geared more to natural, wholesome, and specialized foods. Most exhibitors target a ‘Whole Foods’ type grocer. The larger chain grocers are not too far behind as they are making natural foods a larger selection in their stores.

Here are a couple exhibit designs that caught my eye:

Horizon: a new generation recognizable brand in the milk (organic) section. Their exhibit used lightweight fabric graphics as their overhead branding structure.

Emergen-C: Another very popular household brand, especially during the cold season. They used bright laminates for their storage room and a matching hanging sign.

Barbara’s Bakery: They are a local Bay Area company & have recently turned into one of my favorite breakfast cereals. Their larger-than-life cereal box is a lightweight printed fabric structure. Great use of space!

Pirate Brands: They make the very popular Pirate Popcorn. They introduced some awesome new flavors at this year’s show. Of course, with a pirate-themed brand, the only way to go is mimicking a pirate lifestyle. They covered all details, even down to the flooring. Well done!

These acrylic bubble accents are becoming more and more popular across all industries. The 3-D effect is easily done and quite inexpensive. Very trade show friendly.

I just adored the multiple live hanging rose balls. I do not get to see this often. The only other places you might see these would be at hospitality or horticultural industry shows.

It’s so awesome to see 3-D elements like this in exhibits. I’m pretty sure it is a road show piece, but to haul into a traditional trade show is certainly not as easy as your traditional booth.

This backlit custom shape is awesome. The lighting effect was just right and not too bright for this size structure.

Another hanging structure that caught my eye is this layered piece which displayed teacups. They went a good route with mounting a traditional ring. This structure may have gotten lost without it.

Seventh Generation introduced an even more green packaging solution to their eco-friendly detergent. Recycled material is used for the outside casing while the detergent is packaged inside. Genius!

This product display incorporated monitors and used a fresh color pallet that gave a very clean feeling.  The lighting effects acted as a good highlight as well.

All black everything! Skyline’s Mirage Monitor Mount paired with Skyline’s popular Stratus table.

Vaska Tradeshow BoothLast but not least, fresh new graphics for my friends over at Vaska out of Berkeley.

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About the Author

Jessica Orias is an account executive at Skyline Exhibits Bay Area in Northern California. 2011 marks her 9 year anniversary with Skyline. She enjoys creativity and uniqueness the most in the marketing events world and helping leading exhibitors with their Northern California trade show booths.

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