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NAB Trade Show 2022 Highlights & Summary

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show recently took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 23 to 27. The show was a huge hit for members of the broadcasting, radio, and television industries! Here is a summary of the show, complete with some of the event’s top highlights.

NAB is an annual trade show with exhibitions geared toward professionals in the media, entertainment, and technology sectors. Every year, thousands of people flock to this show to learn about the latest developments (both technical and non-technical) in their industries and connect with other experts in their fields.

This year’s NAB convention took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (or LVCC) — one of the country’s most popular hubs for trade shows and other major gatherings. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the first in-person event since 2019, and it did not disappoint.

NAB 2022 had an impressive turnout of 52,468 people. This includes 11,542 international attendees who visited from 155 different countries. In a statement, the president and CEO of NAB, Curtis LeGeyt expressed his happiness at the attendees who “turned out in force” from across the globe. He also said their “enthusiasm and engagement” were “invigoration” and thanked everyone who came together to make the convention an “incredible experience.”

All kinds of impressive products were introduced at this year’s show. However, some stood out among the crowd. According to Chris Brown, the NAB Executive Vice President of Global Connections and Events, the winners of the 2022 show can “help storytellers at all stages of the content lifecycle” to meet the challenges of the industry and revolutionize it moving forward.

The show’s Product of the Year awards are given in 15 different categories, from cameras to asset management. The following are some of the Product of the Year winners from NAB 2022:

  • Product of the Year — Cameras: 2 cinema cameras, the Sony VENICE 2 and the Canon Cinema EOS R5 C, both received recognition for their 8K resolution, as well as their ability to help content creators “break creative boundaries.”
  • Product of the Year — Graphics, Editing, VFX, Switchers: NoitomVPS touts itself as an affordable, easy-to-use, turn-key virtual production solution that helps users scale projects up or down.
  • Product of the Year — Cloud Computing and Storage: OpenDrives was recognized as Product of the Year at NAB 2022; OpenDrives is a global provider of enterprise-level, software-led storage solutions.
  • Product of the Year — Asset Management, Automation, Playout: The TitanTV MediaStar 4 was also recognized; it is a schedule management tool that’s used by over 1,000 stations each day.
  • Product of the Year — Location/Studio Lighting: Sumolight’s Sumomax light fixture is the latest addition to the brand’s LED line; it is a 1,800-15,000K full-spectrum light and features a flat silhouette for easy packing and shipping.
  • Product of the Year — Audio Production, Processing, and Networking: Spalk’s Virtual Commentary Studio was recognized as one of the top audio production, processing, and networking tools; it is designed to make it easier for producers to deliver remote commentary to audiences of all kinds and sizes.

A full list of winners from this year’s show can be found here, courtesy of the NAB website.

NAB 2023
For those who missed out on exhibiting at the National Association’s 2022 show, hope is not lost. After a two-year hiatus, NAB is back and it’s here to stay! Next year’s NAB show, which will be the 100th year celebration of the first-ever NAB show, will also take place in Las Vegas next year from April 15 to 19.