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MODEX 2022 Show Summary & Highlights

The hot topic around the world right now is the supply chain — and all the interruptions that are leading to issues like delayed shipments, slow order fulfillment, and more. Those who work in the supply chain, logistics, and trucking industry recently gathered at the MODEX 2022 Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is a summary of how the trade show went and some of the highlights from the event — including a big increase in attendees and exhibitors.


The MODEX conference is an event for those who work in the manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation sectors. This multi-day event provides insight into the latest technology and equipment that professionals in these industries can utilize to improve their processes and see better results. There are 3 main objectives of the MODEX event. It’s a place for attendees to connect with leading providers, learn from the industry’s best minds, and meet industry peers from across the U.S. and the rest of the world.


To say that MODEX 2022 was a success would be an understatement. After the event, the show producer Materials Handling Institute revealed that over 37,047 visitors gathered at the Georgia World Congress Center and connected with more than 857 supply chain exhibitors. This was a 20 percent increase in attendees compared to the last in-person MODEX show, which took place in 2018 — long before the pandemic changed the way in-person events take place.

Not only was the turnout from this show great for the supply chain industry, but it was also great for the Atlanta area. Experts estimate that the show had a direct economic impact of approximately $45 million. Daniel McKinnon, the EVP of Exhibitions and MHI, said that the turnout at MODEX 2022 is a sign of both “pent-up demand” for solutions to supply chain issues and a sign of the industry’s “overall strength.” He added that large teams were sent to the event from Fortune 500 companies, top 100 retailers, and various consumer goods firms.

McKinnon praised MODEX’s “robust educational program” as well. It taught attendees about leading trends and technologies in the supply chain industry. It also gave them a chance to renew their existing connections and develop new ones.

In an article published on the Logistics Management website, Bob Trebilcock, the Editorial Director at Supply Chain Management Review, said that MODEX 2022 was “perhaps the best trade event” he’d attended in years. He described the mood as “exuberant” and also commented on the size of the crowds. Trebilcock also shared some highlights from the event, including an emphasis on “sustaining innovation,” which combines various inventions and existing processes in new ways. This results in improvements in cost, quality, service, and cash flow. He also noticed exhibitors focusing on consolidation across the supply chain industry.

MODEX 2024

MHI is planning to make MODEX 2024 even better than this year’s exhibition. Dates have not been set yet, but more information will surely be coming soon so attendees, business leaders, and exhibitors can start planning for the next big show.