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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI And ROO

tradeshow ROIEver feel like, lately, your trade show displays just aren’t delivering the type of return on investment you’ve come to expect from the marketing convention circuit?  Have you updated your company display for a trade show, only to find that your organization is still somehow missing the mark at the actual function itself?  Do you feel like you have all the necessary components to reap success with your trade show exhibits, but you simply don’t know how to close the gap between being seen as a mere presenter instead of the industry leader you are?

The good news is that you’re certainly not alone.  At some point, most business executives who engage in trade show exhibiting find themselves struggling to either gain initial traction or sustain the momentum they enjoyed at earlier conventions.  Fortunately, there is a solution that works for businesses in any industry looking to boost their event cred as well as overall ROI (return on investment) and ROO (return on opportunity): a consultative partnership.

Why Executives Are Forming A Consultative Partnership For Success At Trade Show Exhibits

Think about it – when it comes to successfully running a business, many executives often find themselves wearing as many hats as possible, until they simply can’t manage any longer.  Out of necessity, the internal functions within the organization that aren’t getting the attention they deserve slowly begin to get outsourced to a professional provider that specializes in that specific task.  The same premise holds true for aligning your business with a consulting partner that focuses solely on helping clients achieve their goals and objectives at trade shows. Outsourcing this important function to a team of experts can quickly help your organization breathe new life into its existing strategies and (most importantly!) ensure that your staff maximizes results at every event. You allow their team to focus on your entire presentation and execution (aka – what they do best) and you will instantly have additional bandwidth to focus on generating other opportunities for sales and revenue (aka – what you do best).

What To Look For In A Consulting Partner Before Teaming Up

While forming a consultative partnership can yield a diverse range of positive results, it’s important to remember that not all professional consulting firms are created alike.  Always ensure that the organization you team with offers a comprehensive portfolio of services such as:

• Budget evaluation

• Goal coordination

• Event selection

• Booth planning (Displays, graphics, layout, etc.)

• Staff training

• Leads (generation, tracking & follow up)

• Logistical navigation

• Analysis to determine overall ROO & ROI

Most importantly, a reputable and professional firm will never try to force a one-size-fits-all solution on your organization.  Instead, they will partner with your team throughout the process to gain an intricate understanding of your company’s specific vision, goals and objectives at trade shows.  From there, they will create a customized strategy tailor-made to showcase your organization’s strengths, stellar staff and corporate differentiators for optimal return on opportunity and investment.

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As President of Skyline Exhibitor Source, John focuses on the overall vision and direction of the company's large exhibit projects and provides guidance in education, implementation and creative ideation. John has been directly involved in the trade show industry for the past 16 years, and the past 11 years as President of his company that helps clients get the most from their Nashville trade show booths.

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