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Maximizing That Pricey 100 Square Feet of Tradeshow Real Estate

Everyone loves to get their money’s worth, including tradeshow exhibitors.  After helping many clients successfully improve their display’s effectiveness over the past several years, I have put together a few basic guidelines which you can experiment with. Whether you are retrofitting your pop-up, reconfiguring modular hardware, or starting from scratch, just a little creativity can go a long way.

1.  Utilize your entire  floor space… both side to side as well as front to back.  While I do not encourage overcrowding, I like to see the use of more  than one table  in a 10 x 10 space.  Look how well West Liberty Foods utilizes both aisles not only to greet attendees, but also to showcase a special product with impact and visual appeal.  And phin nicely positions two tables to give themselves extra workspace and bold branding.  Don’t overlook the use of smaller and very affordable hardware items such as banner stands or  information placards for complementing your backwall marketing message.  With their multi-function capabilities of video, product and literature display, these are great ways to bring your message closer to the aisle.

West Liberty FoodsWest Liberty Foods 10′ x 10′ trade show booth 

2.  There’s an extra 6” of space above the top of your exhibit hardware! Most standard 10 x 10 units are manufactured at 7.5’ height which gives you the opportunity for some “out the box” thinking.  Try something bold with a profiled headers like Baden’s or phin’s.  Or more simply, a velcro detachable marketing message  in a brightly colored circle or starburst shape will even get some extra attention.

BadenBaden 10′ x 10′ trade show exhibit 

3.  Creative flooring is probably the most overlooked tip of all.  Any booth will change appearance sitting on a different color flooring.  So, if red or black carpeting might be a bit bold for your next show, with the range  of color options now available, you can so easily go beyond beige or gray to look different as well as terrific!

B. Telzer GearB. Telzer Gear 10 x 10 trade show display 

PS…this is the perfect place to add a company logo if the budget allows.

I think B. Telzer Gear did it just right!

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About the Author

Mary Hutton-Ladner has been both a designer and tradeshow consultant for over 30 years, 25 of which have been spent at Skyline. She previously taught high school art in New York before joining the Skyline Manhattan team for five years, and in 1992 moved out to the Bay Area. The opportunity to work with a diverse client base has been ideal for her as it not only rapidly increased her industry knowledge , but it gave her the ability to help Bay Area trade show display clients realize and increase their long term marketing goals.

4 responses to “Maximizing That Pricey 100 Square Feet of Tradeshow Real Estate

  1. Great tips! Since most companies get booths so that they can network, find new clients and increase brand awareness, creating engagement before and after the show and collecting information is vital.

    You can combine great tips like these with an active engagement plan, your results and ROI will multiply. I’ve linked it in my post, ‘Festival and Trade Show Booth Marketing using Online Events’, which explains how you can create solid connections and make the most of the giveaways companies bring to trade shows.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  2. Love your ideas for extending your design outside the perimeter of your display. 10′ displays can all look so boxy. Add some creativity with cut-to-shape graphics that extend off the top or sides of your pop up or back wall. Use geometric frames to enhance your monitor screen. Use curves, circles and triangles to add interest and dimension to your messaging. For more tips on exhibiting and the state of the industry check out what The Exhibit Expert has to say at

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