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Maximize Your Trade Show Display’s Effectiveness

maximize tradeshow booth success

When optimizing efforts at a trade show, it’s no secret that a well-designed, aesthetically engaging trade show booth can play a major role in overall success.  Offering wandering visitors engaging displays that leave an impression is one of the best ways to ensure a steady line of convention traffic winding its way up to your exhibit throughout the entire event.  Without a highly-inviting stand, even the savviest entrepreneurs find themselves relegated to the background, instead of taking a leading role throughout the convention.

Consider More Than Your Trade Show Display For Event Success

While a well-planned and designed trade show display is one of the most critical factors to consider when attempting to reap maximum function ROI, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only secret to ultimate achievement.  No matter what the size and operational focus of your organization, there are a slew of other ingredients in a firm’s recipe for convention success.  Understanding a few of these function “must haves” can help ensure that your team effortlessly executes at every function and leverages impact on any opportunity presented.

Trade Show “Must Haves” 

When strategizing and planning for your next trade show, always keep these critical components in mind for optimal return on investment.

Your business must have:

1. Polished, professional staff:  Having an articulate, engaging staff manning your booth space is a non-negotiable requirement.  Remember, promotional expos are entirely different from other selling opportunities. Your team will need to be trained and poised to perform in order to effectively work the crowd.

2. Lead gathering strategy:  Naturally, your well-trained staff will have the skills needed to harvest leads from the milling crowds during the trade show.  However, it’s critical for your organization to have a well-delineated process on what to do with leads once they’re generated.  No matter whether you opt for a manual, automated or hybrid process isn’t as important as ensuring that every relevant team member knows exactly what’s expected of them once they have a lead of any type.

3. Appealing giveaway:  The rule of thumb with giveaways in a trade show display is this:  if you have the discretionary income to include them, you should.  However, don’t just arbitrarily select a random item to hand out to visitors as they stop by.  Always choose an object that helps further reinforce your company missive and that will also prove useful to your target audience for pinnacle impact.  One of the best giveaways a business can offer is sample-sized options from their own existing product line.  What better way to drive home the fact that your business is the best in its industry than to allow your marketing demographic to actually drive home with your merchandise?

Finally, a peripheral bonus must have?  Always ensure that the interior space within your trade show display is neat and uncluttered at all times.  Messy booths can instantly repel the crowd and leave your team standing alone in the disarray.  Having organized floor and counter space will ensure that visitors not only stop in, but also feel compelled to stay as long as your team needs to engage and convert.

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Ken "Bucky" Buckman was the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec.

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  1. Re: Trade Show Give Aways (SWAG). I have also placed high value on items which have a high potential to occupy desk real estate. If your giveaway sits on a prospect’s desk, it is more likely that the prospect will call you when they are in a position to need your product / service.

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