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Maximize ROI on Your Trade Show Display Using Effective Graphic Design

Key Tips For Graphic and Image Success

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed with trying to create a successful graphic design strategy for your custom trade show booth, you’re not alone. Even the most veteran marketing professionals find themselves struggling to create a captivating, compelling collection of imagery that not only commands crowd attention, but also effectively conveys everything that their business is about in just a single glance.

While the task may seem daunting, it’s important to remember that success is possible. Following a few simple tips can help give your business the edge it needs to make optimal impact at the next event.


Consider the following strategies when creating your graphic design on your trade show display:

Your key differentiators: When beginning the creative process, start by asking yourself a few critical questions:

  • What is your business truly about?
  • How do you stand apart from the competition and why?
  • Which product line and services should get the most attention when you’re exhibiting?

Answering these important questions can help you form a strategy that remains consistent and successfully highlights your company for optimal return on investment.

Keep words to a minimum: Many entrepreneurs display beautiful graphics…only to overwhelm the images with too much content. Trade shows are full of buzz and bustle; most attending audience members will only spare a few precious seconds checking out your booth before moving on. Don’t squander that time making them read what you’re about. Instead, rely on images to show them everything that they need to know.

Don’t overcrowd your exhibit: Content isn’t the only overwhelming threat to your booth’s appeal; many entrepreneurs cover their display with far too many images as well. Choose a select few images that truly capture your company’s essence and place them strategically throughout the booth to ensure your stand remains neat and visually compelling at every event.

Know your competition: Finally, when beginning to design your graphics, always have a firm understanding of what the competition has to offer. During every event your business attends, be sure to spend time monitoring their current graphic approach. What is working with your targeted demographic? What could use some fine-tuning? Understanding how the opposition is working the crowd can play a major role in your successful design campaign.


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About the Author

Ken "Bucky" Buckman was the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec.

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  1. Great tips, relevant strategies for a successful trade show!

    Agree that effective graphic designs are the catchy ones. People will be more interested to read to something that looks neat and visually compelling as well.

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